Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Incursioner Massacre - A Post from my Bro

 For Sansha!

Ok so I have personaly been very busy and unable to play eve of late (which happened right after I declared my frigate challenge unfortunately) but my younger brother who also plays EvE, and stayed in Skunkworks, has been telling me some very funny storys about how Skunk Works has declaired war on incursioners.

Aparently one of the Skunk Works most nitorious players "Slimy Worm" got into griefing incursions and killed about 10 bil worth of ships, because of this the incersioners pooled some money together and got a very good Merc corp to war deck the Skunk Works. In response to this all of the SW dropped corp (made an alt corp called "Go Petition Blizzard") and proceeded to also grief incersioners. They have only been doing it for about 5 days and have already killed over 45bil worth of ships, collected about 6 bil worth of loot, and ransomed about 3 bils worth of isk. One of their better kills

I dont know about you but almost 10 bil in kills a night is pretty bad ass for a group of 3-10 peoples efforts a night. Right now the mile stone they are shooting for is 60bil (aproximatly a titans worth of isk) in 7 days. I'll report more on it in the future.

Hopefully I will have time for eve in the future and rejoin Black reble rifter club and continue my frigate chalenge


  1. Pretty much, but it dosen't mean its not a bit of effort in convining them to let you kill them