Sunday, October 16, 2011

4 of a Kind and a Ace in the Hole

Ok so I recently joined the corp Black Rebel Rifter Club, I watch a member of their corps blog, and had a few other people I know say they where an outstanding group. My low sec bone had been itching for a while now, and I figured this would be a great opportunity to go try out a new style of pvp. R1fta specializes in frigate combat and goes out on mainly frigate roams, and the occasional cruiser roam, maybe upshipping to BCs if there is a tasty target within a few jumps of their home system. I have engaged in piracy and low sec battles many times in the past; I also have flown frigates many times in the past, but mainly as heavy tacklers for a bigger fleet or as an insta lock for gate camps. I have never been the best at solo frigate pvp or frigate roams so I take this as a great learning experience in my eve life. Also from what I know R1fta is still recruiting and they have really made me feel at home so if you’re interested in frigate low sec pvp, look us up.

So for my stay in R1fta I have set up a challenge of sorts. Since this is dying in style, and it should give me plenty to write about, I have bought 4 of a number of ships, and i will be keeping track of each one of those ships deaths and kills on my blog. I will also not be flying any other ships than those ships if I can help it. Each of each type of ship is fit differently, some majorly, some not.

A list of each ship i bought for this challenge.

9 of Diamonds
9 of Hearts
9 of Clubs
9 of Spades 

10 of Diamonds
10 of Hearts
10 of Clubs
10 of Spades

Jack of Spades
Jack of Diamonds
Jack of Hearts
Jack of Clubs

Queen of Clubs
Queen of Spades
Queen of Diamonds
Queen of Hearts

King of Hearts
King of Clubs
King of Spades
King of Diamonds

Ace of Hearts
Ace of Clubs
Ace of Spades
Ace of Diamonds

Royal Flush

So far the score stands at 0 losses and 2 kills. I killed a Taranis and a Thrasher in my Wolf (Queen of Spades) yesterday while in a R1fta frigate roam.

I will be explaining my deaths, the reasoning behind my fits, and my kills in coming blogs.

Stay toasty my friends

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Anti Pirate Shake and Bake

One of my favorite styles of pvp is black opsing, I do admit its a semi risk free pvp and could easily be considered a light version of blobing, depending on the size of the Blops fleet. One of the funnest parts of Blopsing is the fact that you can hot drop people with a small gang without using capital ships or jumping 50 cains one some one trough a titan. Just the surprise you know is on your targets face when 5 Stealth bombers and 5 recons jump on top of them is priceless. I don't partake in this delicacy often, mostly because of corp participation and the need to have a willing black Ops BS pilot online, but I would if I could.

Now onto how to go about killing pirates and making their day less than pleasant.

Step 1: Get a out of corp alt in a bait ship with tackle, acheep mining ship or a bait cruiser like a thorax works well, to sit in a bet and look afk or stupid.
Step 2: Get a Rapier or arazu pilot who can use covert ops cynos to cloak aproximatly 10-15k above or bellow the bait ship. (Arazus are most popular, but i actually like the Rapier better, because the webs cripple nano pirates maneuverability, while the arazu holds them down with long point but they can still nano around)
Step 3: get Black ops BS and blops fleet within jump distance of target system, and try to have them stay off grid from any celestrials.
Step 4: wait for Pirates to come by see your easy kill on scan and come in to kill you and go GCC, get the bait ship to tackle them (they will liekly die but they need to hold the target down till the recon can tackle and light cyno)
Step 5: jump in and kill the GGCed Pirate and all his little buddy's (or if you have a falcon, jam and gtfo if they have a large back up fleet warping in)
Step 6: check to see if your pirate victim was part of a big alliance that may come back with big fleet for revenge, if so move to another low sec system near by or switch bait alts. Get all Stealth Bombers and recons back to the Black ops BS, and set up for the next round.

This tactic is very successful and results in no sec status loss for anyone in the black ops gang (if your worried about that) and if you keep cycling bait alts you can get allot of kills in one low sec region with ease, and many lulz.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Supers, Eves Future, and my 2isk

The eve news sites have been all ablaze of late (especially with two big news letters put out by CCP today) Mostly with Supers, the Winter expansion, and CCP making up for half finished expansions. I may be a high/low sec dweller, but I like to keep on top of most the news in the Eve community because I find it entertaining. I could go into a Long rant about the latest news myself but I would just be re hashing the same old stuff so instead ill talk about my half wit ideas to improve eve.

Super Capitals___________________________

If anyone likes to read or watch old sci-fi movies, I'm most stories capitals and supers where huge immense ships with nigh impregnable shields and armor, and more times than not it would take another group of super capitals in the enemy fleet to take them down, But in almost every series the smaller ships where able to harass Super capitals, swarm over them and overwhelm their defences to weaken them, or in rare occasions take them down. This is the amazing stories those crazy fighter/cruiser pilots that survived would tell their grand kids about. Yet in eve, Supers are separated completely from the other groupings of eve fleets. You don't have them in your sub cap formations, they are their own entity, like prepy kids in high school, saying their better and more important, and using you, the sub capital as cannon fodder. Which leads me to some of my idea for super capital changes that I like.
  • Make Super Capitals modular, engines, drone bay, bridge, reactor, and maybe more. Give each one a hit point value and make it so when its out its incapacitated, each one would disable a portion of the Supers ability's. Incap the engines, and the super can't warp out or move. Incap the reactor, it cant jump out or regen cap. Incap the Flight deck and it cant deploy any more drones or use its ship maitnace array. and if all other sections are incaped make it so you can kill the bridge and destroy the super. Now if you make the flight deck and the engines have relatively light HP compared to the other two, because they would be less armored and shielded, sup cap fleets could primary them and if not help take the beast down, maybe cripple it.
  • Make a T2 cruiser that can fit a capital destructive bomb or missile, much like the stealth bombers bomb launcher, make it so you have to actually shoot it in the general direction of the super like the bomb launcher and it do a massive amount of alpha damage. But also make it so its like a shaped charge and low explosive velocity its ineffective at damaging sub capitals.
  • increase aggression timers, so that if a super agresses it takes 30min to disappear after logging vs 15.
  • Make Cynos have a warm up timer of 2-5 min before any ship can jump trough, to give defending fleets time to destroy the cyno or get their defences ready.
Low Sec___________________________

Once again low sec in classic science fiction is usually know as the fringe worlds, systems that are begin colonized and getting ready of Begin brought into the fold of the inner worlds. The inner worlds don't have theresources to patrol the fringe worlds resulting in pirates being found all over in the shipping lanes where no one can hear you scream, or take weeks to get there to save you just to find your floating hulk. this doesn't mean the inner world didn't care, and they will usually deputize some police forces and distribute them around some of the main fringe world hubs for better response time.
  • As a friend of mine suggested, make it so normal none FW systems also have a faction beacon of sorts, and people can join one of two factions, concord deputes, or what ever faction is of the local pirate faction. And they have to fight over the systems, and each side gains loyalty points for the capture of a system for their faction. In addition who ever controlled the beacon would grant bonuses to the system for it such as.
  • If the pirates own the system, gate guns would have a slower lockign time, and all statiosn would be kick out stations.
  • If Concorde deputes controled the system, GCCs would extend to 30min, and the destruction of a ship belonging to a pilot with a lower sec status of -2 would grant a 1/4 bounty of what ever the market average of the base hull cost of the ship. so killing a 20mil hull would give 5mil split between all the people who helped kill it, or just make it so pilots killed with lower than -2 sec don'tget insurance payouts for ship loss in that system.
  • Oh and faction specific vanity items available in the LP store for each faction. (like awesome techno eye patches for pirates, and like medals and stars for concord deputies.) 
High Sec___________________________

  • Make it so if a corp leaves an alliance that is at war, they have to pay 200mil to the corp/alliance wallet of the corp that is decking them, If there are multiple decks then it will be 75mil to each.
  • increase redocking and gate jumping aggression timers to 2min
  • make RR or Remote anything to another ship agress and make it so you can not dock or gate jump for 1min.
0.0 Sov Changes ___________________________

  • Make it so local has a local count, and you can see the faces of all of your alliance and corp mates, but for anyone else its just a faceless number (unless they talk in local, in which it identifies them till they log or jump out of system) That way you cant tell who just jumped in, was it a NC. person, was it a two day old noob, you wont know till their on grid.
  • make it so corps can take sov, and sov is controlled on a cooperation level, and a individual corp cant control more than 3 systems. and they have to have at least 50 members to take sov (and they will lose it if they drop below 45 members.) This will make it harder for alliances to take allot of space since to take 18 systems they would need 6-50man corps, yet a sole 50 man corp could move down and take 3 systems of their very own without begin in an alliance.

Monday, October 3, 2011

You Mad Bro?

I see allot of people getting butt hurt about other peoples tactics or play styles in eve. Recently my corp and I went on a field trip down to Provi to put some pressure on some WTs that ran down there to hide. We all used Stealth bombers and Recons as to avoid most of the gate camps and roaming large gangs. NC. and CVA both had soem medium sized fleets that looked kinda nasty passing by our little gang as close as 10km as they roamed, but for the most part we left them alone. but one night we where camping a gate and a NC. vaga jumped into us and our raiper pilot was able to tackle him and we pounded it to dust. he then began to whine about us being lame cloaky cowards. This brought to mind a quote I heard a long time ago "The only difference between a victory and a massacre is who's side your on." I have heard allot of similar statements in my eve life of people who claimed the other side wasn't playing fair. I do think that killing one ship in more than 30 ships is a bit much and a bit bloby, but you know that if that Vaga had caught our Raiper alone he would have called all his little NC.fleet not far behind of like 20 in to kill it. I know everyone is in search of the elusive GF of even proportions, but you dont have to get so bent out of shape because you jump un scouted into a gate camp. I have done it numerous times in the past and I get alittle grumpy, but at my damn self not at the others for playing the game. Its like care bear corps getting mad of Mercs taking advantage of the war deck system "what did we ever do to you?! "Your not playing the game right."and more.

Anyway, share with me your favorit story of another pvper crying because they died.