Monday, March 19, 2012

4 way if you know what I mean


So me and my trusty gang of misfits, normally known as Una and Kittens, who is now a regular underling of mine... I kid lol, but seriously we where camping in Bvip in AFs and destroyers when allot of people started coming in and out in cruisers and BCs, but most of them didn’t seam to be in a gang, so we decided to ship up so we could have a better chance of taking some of them on. My stuff was closest so I got back first in my Sacrilege, and waited on the 9snk gate in Bvip, for the others to catch up, when Sard comes into local followed quickly by a few others not in gunpoint, him and a cyclone land at pounces above the gate then warp off. I proceed to warp around and directional scan to find them, hoping to tackle one and hold them down long enough for my back up to come. I finaly scan some stuff down on planet 4 customs and warp to 0 to find a fight going on 40km off. It seams that Sard had tackled the other cyclone there, killed him then had a stabber fleet issue and a wolf land tward the end of their fight and jump on him too, so I burn up to them and decide to help Sard out by primaring the stabber, helping kill it and the wolf, then Sard engages me so we start having it out, at this time my back up reported being on the Bvip gate and wanted to know if they wanted me in, at first I said no, I figured I would try 1v1ing Sard but I then noticed that my HAMs just burnt out! Lol! I cursed then told them to immediately come in warp to me and kill sard, we where able to kill him, which saved me from an embarrassing loss considering I couldn’t even fight back. I personally think if I had stoped my HAM over heat in time it would have been a very good fight. Regardless Sard thanked me for helping him out, and we both agreed it was a really fun 4 way fight.
Team Beck:
  • Sacralidge
  • Orical
  • Cain
Team Sard:
Team Jacob:
Team Edward:

So scary people eject at the sight

So we went on a long long St Pattys day roam, down trough Great Wildlands, Curse, Providence, Catch, back trough Curse, and Great Wildlands to home. We where in a 20 man shield fleet, with mainly BCs, Scimis, and a few extras like my hugin. For the most part we didn’t see shit, but I’ll point out the two highlights for you.
  • #1 we had a Cynable land on the gate our fleet was on and jump trough and we had half the fleet jump trough with him, he tried to burn off but thanks to my two 40k webs he got about 30k off gate and died. I am seriously starting to love my long range webbing ships, In today’s eve combat, you are usually either on the inning side or the losing side, and the only way to keep the losing side from running the fuck away is to have some long range tackle in your gang, Arazus, and Raipers do this very well.
  • #2 We went to the HED-GP which is usually a very good system to find camps or gangs, but oddly even though there was a 15 man gang in high sec next door on the HED gate and a good 8 ships bouncing around in HED none wanted to fight. Just as we where about to leave two tempests jump from HED into our gang, one died quickly the other made it back to gate and jumped back into HED, where we still got tacklers trough and caught him on the other side, and to our surprise he ejects and warps his pod away, leaving us a fully T2 tempest. We debated for a bit if we should take it or kill it, and finally decided we where to far from home to keep it, so we went for the kill mail instead. No idea why he ejected, maybe he was scared he would get bubbled and lose a possibly expensive pod, or maybe he though we would take it and that would result in no loss mail, either way it was funny.
I know as one of my readers said that most 0.0 pvps hang around the regions where the big action is, I still miss when 60man kitchen sink defense fleets would come to chase you out, eve CVA just ignored our gang as it passed trough provi, and they love defense fleets. Oh well we will keep looking for fights where they may be.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Delve in a heartbeat

So one night I stay up to go on one of my corps big late night roams. I love the corps late night roams because we can get a good 20 people in fleet, all with high skills and a well-formed fleet composition. This particular night I was told that there was a wormhole that lead to the middle of delve, 2 jumps away from our home system. While I’m not a huge fan of living in WHS, I love when they can transport you from normal space to normal space on the other side of eve, making roams in new territory easy and fun. So we formed up a 18 man shield fleet, with tackle, logis and a ton of dps, We jump trough the worm hole and find a Harb sitting on the other side, possibly just having found it and warped to it himself, we quickly dispatch of him, so quickly in fact that I didn’t even get on the kill lol. We then proceeded to roam around the area, not seeing a whole lot in the systems, and if there was anyone in local they where docked up. Finally our scout drake warps to a station and has a Onyx, Cain, and 2-3 other ships undock on him and aggress, he calls us in, pointing the Onyx, the others warp out before we land,ut we are easily able to kill the onyx before it can redock.
We roam further running across a nano gang of Cynables, Vagas, tornados, and Talos’s gate camping, but they obviously had scout in the surrounding areas because they warped out immediately, leaving us to shoot insults at each other as we passed trough the system. After a few more quiet systems we finally reach the last stop on our roam before we would head back, holding in the next system, our scout drake warps to the station and amazingly has a Bhaalgorn undock and aggress him. We all jump in and warp to the drake, grabbing the Bhaal and smacking him as hard as our guns would allow, likely as hard as he was smacking his redock button praying to get out in time. Half way trough killing it a Thany undocks, and attempts to rep the Bhaal bit it was to little to late and the Bhaal drops like its hot, leaving a nice little pile of loot and a Thany who quickly docked up in shame.
After the Bhaal kill we start heading back to the worm hole but run into a 38 man Test Alliance shield BC gang, having 20 more than us we decide to dock up vs trying to run. They camped our station for a long time linking unmentionable things in local and talking shit. Eventually they left and we resumed our trip back home, but to our luck they sent a few scouts to keep an eye on us, a Cain and a Saber jump into our bubble and we dispatch of them with extreme prejudice. after that we got back to the WH without a hitch and I logged for the night.
Even tho it ended up being an ok roam at the end, 0.0 just seams so much more empty and even less people willing to fight than low sec.

One of these things is not like the other

Slacking a bit on my reports but ill toss a few together to catch up.

My first report comes with a interesting kill, and a hard lesson everyone in eve needs to learn. I know most people know that T2 ships have better resists, but not everyone knows that these resists are not just better on top of old resists, but they are better depending on the race of T2 ship.

The following fight shows why ignorance of this can easily turn a win into a loss. I was in a small gang of friends flying my broadsword because we where thinking of doing alittle 0.0 camping, our scout was in the next system and the rest of the fleet was on the other side of the 100au system we where in from me, when a Navy Omen lands on me and aggresses.  My first thought was “is he trying to bait me into aggressing” my second thought was “I have 4 BCs in system with me, hell ill go for it” and I pointed and shot back. I called my friends to warp to me to either save me from a trap or whore on a mail, because the N-Omen was doing fuck all damage to me, and I think he was starting to relies it too because he started to burn away from me quick, so I over heat my MWD and keep pounding him with barrage. We had burned about 70k off gate when my friends land on the gate and got to see me pop the N-omen solo. (Well not completely solo, he took GCC and the gate guns fucked him up hardcore)
So the next day I convoed the guy and asked him why he practically suicided himself on me, he reply’s that he thought I was a rupture and even tho I was T2, thought I would be weak to lasers. Unfortunately for him he was wrong on both accounts, not only is the Broadsword got a good 60+ k ehp over the rupture, but its main resists are against lasers.
Every race T2 ship resits are naturally higher vs their story based mortal enemy’s, Amarr vs Mimatar, and Caldari vs Galente. This switches some well known facts into a different boat, Its usually common knowledge that shield tankers are weak to em and therm, and armor tankers are weak to explosive and kinetic, but a T2 mimatar ship has over all supurb EM and thermal resits, in armor and shield, and T2 Amarr has great resists to explosive and kinetic even in armor.
So the lesson here is to know your ships and know their weaknesses, so you don’t attack a Sacrilege with hail loaded.