Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rep That Breached Bulkhead!

So yesterday Must have been armor rep day because it starts out with Me and Coild taking out a pair of dual rep SFIs along with Kira in a shield Cain down into Great Wildlands in search for some fights. We get down to NDQ where Republic alliance like to hang and try to provoke them into a fight. At first they wouldn't leave their station, which is normal, but then they got a few more people online and they started brining 5-6 guys to the gate and trying to snag us. Luckily we where way faster than them and would pull range, in which they would just jump back into NDQ and wait for us to provoke them again. We pull back to SL- and wait for a couple of people from our alliance to head down and assist us to even out the numbers. Suddenly Coild reports that there is a Domi headed to SL- from NIH and we should tackle it when it jumps into us, which we do. We where hoping to kill the Domi quickly in case he was associated with RA but the good news was that he was alone, the bad news was he was tanking us quite well. We had him tackled a ways off the gate and he didn’t seam to have a prop mod so he decided to agro on me. While not a big deal his bonused Hammerhead IIs actually hurt a bit. He eventually crept back to gate and deagressed, and we started cursing because eh was at half armor still, when bam! his armor and structure melted in 10seconds. We can only assume he fianly caped himself out under pressure from the Cains newts and his constant reping. What we found in the wreak, and on the kill mail was a treasure trove of faction. While not super expensive mods he had about 400mil of faction on him and a good chunk had dropped! woot! Our help arrived right after the Domi died and we made another run at RA but they had rallied some Logi pilots and it was no longer a feasible fight even with +2 on our side. We roamed awhile more and went home after COiled lost his SFI trying to bait some BCs on a gate.

In the middle of the evening Sugar had a planed frig team fight planed with a small carebear corp wanting to try out some pvp so I went over and helped with that. it was a blast and you can read more on her blog, here: Low Sec Life Style

Later I get some intel that a flashy Prophecy is headed trough Egbringer where I live, so I undock my Talos and go hunting for him, following him into the next system, where he held his cloak quite awhile. When he dropped his cloak I did aswell and pointed him, he started moving to gate so I did aswell, but that was just a trap to get me into scram range, which I fell for. Lucky for me the talos was brawling down his thick armor tank faster than he was killing my shield tank. I was actually able to hold the Prophecy and pull damage long enough for a few people to show up and whore on the mail. I’m such a nice guy lol.

A bit later right before I was going to log, Fried told me he had a Cyclone on scan in Ubties and I told him I would head over in my SFI to help him if he needed it. It seams Coilded was also in the area because he jumped into Ubties in his vigilant right when I landed on the gate. Unfortunately the Cyclone had moved on but Coild and Fried had a pair of Myrms on scan and a Executioner. Coild finally got them narrowed down to a belt and warp in on them, landing at range. They gave chase and Friend and I warped in to assist, Friend and I went after one Myrm while Coiled went after the other one 30k away. It took us a bit to break the Myrms triple rep tank but we eventually did, and luckily they Myrm I was on primaried me, and not Fried’s Cain. After killing the first Myrm we burnt over and helped Coiled kill the second, especially since his Vigilant was starting to run low on HP. It was a great loooong fight; Myrms are truly beasts when they only have to tank three ships. GFs where tossed in local and we all went home and logged.

All in all I saw 12 armor reps fitted to ships yesterday, thats 11-12 more than I normaly see, and they say armor tanking is dead.

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