Friday, October 5, 2012

Time is of the Essence

So yesterday I start the day off by taking one of THCs new members out on a roam in two armor Ruppys. The good thing about armor Ruppys is they have about 40k ehp, which is similar to the tank of a shield BC, so they are able to take on said shield BCs in a pair. They lack some of the DPS but make up for it in speed and small sig. So we roam around a bit, and get a Drake on scan in Aedald, seemingly doing some sites though we never got a good fix on him before he left to Audester. Feeling froggy I giver pursuit, and we spend the next bit chasing him a few jumps back and forth before he finally jumps straight into Kira, my fleet mate and warps to a site beacon in Keno. We warp after him and find him happily ratting like nothing was going on, along with a Jag from his same corp. We tackle the Drake and lay into him, the Jag warping out immediately. (abanda-bro much?) The rats are helping us a bit, and thats good because he has a hell of a thick tank, as most pve Drakes sport. He shoots back at me and actually starts doing very decent damage, likely due to having T2 launchers and not skimping on the BCSs. but we kill him with me only in half armor, and we happily warp off with our loot.

We continue our roam around the loop, when we get a intel report from my notoriously trigger happy corp mate Coiled, that a Nano BC/cruiser gang had tackled a carrier at the sun in Egbringer, and that he had warped in at range and whored on the mail, lol. He asked us if we wanted to form up a fleet to fight the gang, but it was an off time for our alliance so he also went and asked the GP/CI guys in Bosena. He eventually rallied enough troops and they came down the pipe. I had gotten back to Eg and reshipped into a Talos, when I noticed most the gang hanging out on my station, likely enjoying the fruits of their kill and chilling. I report this to our incoming aide and they suggest I draw their fire, but a Talos isn’t very suited for taking hits especially since I would have to GCC on station to get their attention, so I switch to an ASB tempest and undock and GCC on their drake. It takes them a bit but they finally wake up and get the balls to tackle me on station, where I yell for the back up to come in and we where able to kill the majority of them, only losing Space Gals Naga.

(Heres the battle report, tho it has all of them listed on our side for soem reason)

At this time take a nice long break, but when I come back I notice in the CI intel channel that they are all in a buzz about forming up for something, so I jump back on their coms to find out whats going on. It seams that RA had killed a small Hash fleet down in 7Q, in a large armor BS gang with Guardian support, and Deepee was forming a Ahac gang to go down there and try to get a good fight out of them. My Ahac Deimos was unriged atm so I was forced to refit my solo armor stabber into a makeshift Ahac. (Which once fit for it is a great Ahac) I chill in Egbrigner, because our fleet was heading through there on the way to 7Q to take the long way, and maybe get behind the fleet, but our scout in 7Q reported that the RA fleet had entered low sec trough Khabi, so we turn around and head the fastest way to Khabi. We get there just about the same time the RA gang lands back on 7Q gate, and we engage them, taking GCC to promote a fight. Unfortunately their logi reps where too strong for us to break it seemed and it was taking us forever making head way on any tank, yet they never agroed back. They eventually jumped gate, and ran like hell back up to EO2 where they docked up for 30min while we camped their station and we smacked them in local. During this given break in the fighting Deepee got a few anti BS dreads in place in case they came back out in their BS fleet to ensure we could break trough their Guardian reps. Eventually RA undocked, and warped to the 8YC gate where we promptly followed and engaged them again, this time them engaging back. It seams they had spent that 30min refitting half their BSs with newts to cap out our logi, tho it was only working mediocrely. Our cyno gets in place and we jump three dreads in who quickly start blaping BSs, especially since the two FCs where flying duel web Ashimus which where making the primary’s easy pickings for the dreads tracking. The deagress in sight of our dreads and half their BSs and all their Logi escape. We congratulate ourselves on a job well done and cyno the dreads out and go repair in EO2 station. We here just about to leave 0.0 when we get word that the same fleet we had fought was reshipped into a shield fleet with scimi support and was on its way back to fight us, so we turn around and meet them once again on the 8YC gate in EO2, both sides engaging right away. This time RA seamed confidant thinking we no longer had dread support because they cynoed out, but our dread where still on the ready and fuled, so half way trough the fight we dropped the cyno again and dreads came in, but since we didn’t blow our laod so soon this time we where able to get the majority of their fleet to committed to run, only their logi and a few BCs escaping. While it was two separate engagements, since it was in the same spot, against the same people, and the blood hadn’t slowed all the way down from the first fight, it felt like one big fight, and one of the best I have had in awhile. We don’t get many 20v20 fights with logi support in the MH area. We mozzy back to home grinning to ourselves at a job well done.

(The battle report combined of both battles, sadly because it happened in the same system the fights didnt seperate themselves.)

Most the time in the Ahac gang the SFIs where sent around like wild men trying to gettackle or DPS on recons, which was fun but annoyign all at the same time, makes me wish it had more range.

Later on that night some of the THC guys had scanned down an Abaddon and Onerous doing a site in Enner and we ran over to help them catch it. While the Abaddon was easy to catch, his onerous buddy wasn’t. We had no scrams so where where forced to chase him quite a ways in two Cynables, both of us on the verge of caping out when he went down. Turning back around to help finish the Abaddon off.

And then after debating the new crime watch changes for a while I logged bringing a end to a long day of pvp small gang carnage.

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