Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tr3 Battle Cruisers PVP Performance

(Disclaimer: the new Tr3 Battle cruisers stats are subject to constant chance, my commentary as of now is biased of the stats currently available for player use on Sisi, I will repost my review, or edit this one once the official stats are released, though I feel we wont see allot more change in them unfortunately.)

Ill start with my findings from worst to best.


The Talos, as it stands right now, is a Megathron with almost no tank. I engaged may of them on sisi, and even flew it myself, and its main flaw is it seams to die before it can bring its tremendous DPS to bear. I don’t have any rail skills so I asked a friend to try out a sniper fit for me, he tried a few sizes of large rails, and while it was easy to get great ranges out of them with T2 range ammo, they still lacked allot in DPS (hopefully the hybrid turrets buff helps with this when the wither expansion comes out.)

At the moment I am kind of torn between if the Talos should be armor or shield tanked for the blaster setup. On one hand, the shield tank lets it become quite agile and fast, and get the most out of its DPS, yet it has little tackle ability. On the other hand the armor tank allows for adequate tackle, but you become to slow to get the tackle on the target your going after.


I like the naga, or more I want to like it, it had allot of potential in its first stats to give Caldari a high DPS face melting ships, but now I’m not so sure. (At least its still sexy as hell) CCP kind of snorted a little crack giving it a split weapon bonus, it can have a full rack of 8 blasters, or 8 rails, or 8 torps, yet each only get 1 ship bonus, and that bonus is to range making it little reason to lvl up the BC skill for it. I flew the blaster Naga and the torp naga a bit on sisi, way more than any of the others because I tried to make it work. Nagas just get Powned by all the others except for blaster Talos's if you can kite them, because the Naga put out the lowest actually DPS, not that on paper DPS torps lie to you about. I did kill quite a few destroyers and frigates in a armor tanked Naga, but that just because they never expected it to be fit with 2 webs and 2 target painters. The rail Naga shoots much farther than the Talos, but dose less damage and has less tracking so fuck that.

The Naga can fit an ok tank and dish out ok dps, but you need someone else to tackle and target paint for you, like a Rapier, and at that point might as well just fly a stealth bomber.


Hay its winmatar! Yes, once again winmatar strike again, the tornado is a amazing ship, it’s like a shield tempest on crack, just without the newts. It can be shield fit with auto cannons for a great mid range brawler, be armor fit with autocannons and have enough mid slots for plenty of tackle and maybe even e-war. Its fast as hell, and the artilary fit hits like a alpha Maelstrom. I actually didn’t fly this particular ship on sisi a ton, most my friends did that for me. It out performs the Talos and the Naga by miles, and is extremely easy to fit unlike the Naga, and sometimes the Talos. It really has a little of everything much like most Mimatar ships.

The tornado is much like a poor mans Cynable, or a ninja tempest, i expect to see ALLOT of them this winter. just don’t expect it to beat any Tr2 BC with in 20k.


You would think the Tornado would be my top pick, but no, that goes to the Oricle, I flew this ship almost as much as the Naga, not because I was trying overly hard to squeeze good out of it, but because I raped so much face it got addictive. I warped into a battle area with a Tornado, a Talos, and a Rook, killed them ALL with ease and went in search or more prey. With its current DPS bonus, great tank, and more than enough fitting to put a 1600mn plate, MWD, and 8x mega pulse lazars, I was putting on a world of hurt at 50+k with scorch loaded, and the occasional time a Talos or Tornado came in trying to get under my guns, I switch to Conflag and wasted them in seconds.

Unlike the rest I wouldn't even consider putting long range guns on it, or being silly and shield tanking it, The pulse laser fit with a 50k ehp armor tank could probably kill a drake or a cain with ease.

Personally I really hope CCP buffs the Talos and the Naga before they are released or I doubt you will see much of them unless its seconds before they explode.
If you would like me to share some of the fits I tried, or found exceptionaly potent, just ask.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A little More on Incursion Ganking

So in what time I have had to play I have joined my bro and the Skunkworks in their merry making of killing incursioners, and without much time or effort I have wracked up quite a list of faction BS kills. The skunk works, as of right now, are up to 206 incursioners killed, which equals out to almost 120 bil in ships and assets killed, that’s 2 titans, or over $4000 in plexs

But mostly what I want to show you is a video taken while ransoming a incursioner in a Mcah. It is the most hilarious ransom I have ever seen or participated in. Enjoy


As always the skunkworks killboard can be found here

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Incursioner Massacre - A Post from my Bro

 For Sansha!

Ok so I have personaly been very busy and unable to play eve of late (which happened right after I declared my frigate challenge unfortunately) but my younger brother who also plays EvE, and stayed in Skunkworks, has been telling me some very funny storys about how Skunk Works has declaired war on incursioners.

Aparently one of the Skunk Works most nitorious players "Slimy Worm" got into griefing incursions and killed about 10 bil worth of ships, because of this the incersioners pooled some money together and got a very good Merc corp to war deck the Skunk Works. In response to this all of the SW dropped corp (made an alt corp called "Go Petition Blizzard") and proceeded to also grief incersioners. They have only been doing it for about 5 days and have already killed over 45bil worth of ships, collected about 6 bil worth of loot, and ransomed about 3 bils worth of isk. One of their better kills

I dont know about you but almost 10 bil in kills a night is pretty bad ass for a group of 3-10 peoples efforts a night. Right now the mile stone they are shooting for is 60bil (aproximatly a titans worth of isk) in 7 days. I'll report more on it in the future.

Hopefully I will have time for eve in the future and rejoin Black reble rifter club and continue my frigate chalenge

Sunday, October 16, 2011

4 of a Kind and a Ace in the Hole

Ok so I recently joined the corp Black Rebel Rifter Club, I watch a member of their corps blog, and had a few other people I know say they where an outstanding group. My low sec bone had been itching for a while now, and I figured this would be a great opportunity to go try out a new style of pvp. R1fta specializes in frigate combat and goes out on mainly frigate roams, and the occasional cruiser roam, maybe upshipping to BCs if there is a tasty target within a few jumps of their home system. I have engaged in piracy and low sec battles many times in the past; I also have flown frigates many times in the past, but mainly as heavy tacklers for a bigger fleet or as an insta lock for gate camps. I have never been the best at solo frigate pvp or frigate roams so I take this as a great learning experience in my eve life. Also from what I know R1fta is still recruiting and they have really made me feel at home so if you’re interested in frigate low sec pvp, look us up.

So for my stay in R1fta I have set up a challenge of sorts. Since this is dying in style, and it should give me plenty to write about, I have bought 4 of a number of ships, and i will be keeping track of each one of those ships deaths and kills on my blog. I will also not be flying any other ships than those ships if I can help it. Each of each type of ship is fit differently, some majorly, some not.

A list of each ship i bought for this challenge.

9 of Diamonds
9 of Hearts
9 of Clubs
9 of Spades 

10 of Diamonds
10 of Hearts
10 of Clubs
10 of Spades

Jack of Spades
Jack of Diamonds
Jack of Hearts
Jack of Clubs

Queen of Clubs
Queen of Spades
Queen of Diamonds
Queen of Hearts

King of Hearts
King of Clubs
King of Spades
King of Diamonds

Ace of Hearts
Ace of Clubs
Ace of Spades
Ace of Diamonds

Royal Flush

So far the score stands at 0 losses and 2 kills. I killed a Taranis and a Thrasher in my Wolf (Queen of Spades) yesterday while in a R1fta frigate roam.

I will be explaining my deaths, the reasoning behind my fits, and my kills in coming blogs.

Stay toasty my friends

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Anti Pirate Shake and Bake

One of my favorite styles of pvp is black opsing, I do admit its a semi risk free pvp and could easily be considered a light version of blobing, depending on the size of the Blops fleet. One of the funnest parts of Blopsing is the fact that you can hot drop people with a small gang without using capital ships or jumping 50 cains one some one trough a titan. Just the surprise you know is on your targets face when 5 Stealth bombers and 5 recons jump on top of them is priceless. I don't partake in this delicacy often, mostly because of corp participation and the need to have a willing black Ops BS pilot online, but I would if I could.

Now onto how to go about killing pirates and making their day less than pleasant.

Step 1: Get a out of corp alt in a bait ship with tackle, acheep mining ship or a bait cruiser like a thorax works well, to sit in a bet and look afk or stupid.
Step 2: Get a Rapier or arazu pilot who can use covert ops cynos to cloak aproximatly 10-15k above or bellow the bait ship. (Arazus are most popular, but i actually like the Rapier better, because the webs cripple nano pirates maneuverability, while the arazu holds them down with long point but they can still nano around)
Step 3: get Black ops BS and blops fleet within jump distance of target system, and try to have them stay off grid from any celestrials.
Step 4: wait for Pirates to come by see your easy kill on scan and come in to kill you and go GCC, get the bait ship to tackle them (they will liekly die but they need to hold the target down till the recon can tackle and light cyno)
Step 5: jump in and kill the GGCed Pirate and all his little buddy's (or if you have a falcon, jam and gtfo if they have a large back up fleet warping in)
Step 6: check to see if your pirate victim was part of a big alliance that may come back with big fleet for revenge, if so move to another low sec system near by or switch bait alts. Get all Stealth Bombers and recons back to the Black ops BS, and set up for the next round.

This tactic is very successful and results in no sec status loss for anyone in the black ops gang (if your worried about that) and if you keep cycling bait alts you can get allot of kills in one low sec region with ease, and many lulz.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Supers, Eves Future, and my 2isk

The eve news sites have been all ablaze of late (especially with two big news letters put out by CCP today) Mostly with Supers, the Winter expansion, and CCP making up for half finished expansions. I may be a high/low sec dweller, but I like to keep on top of most the news in the Eve community because I find it entertaining. I could go into a Long rant about the latest news myself but I would just be re hashing the same old stuff so instead ill talk about my half wit ideas to improve eve.

Super Capitals___________________________

If anyone likes to read or watch old sci-fi movies, I'm most stories capitals and supers where huge immense ships with nigh impregnable shields and armor, and more times than not it would take another group of super capitals in the enemy fleet to take them down, But in almost every series the smaller ships where able to harass Super capitals, swarm over them and overwhelm their defences to weaken them, or in rare occasions take them down. This is the amazing stories those crazy fighter/cruiser pilots that survived would tell their grand kids about. Yet in eve, Supers are separated completely from the other groupings of eve fleets. You don't have them in your sub cap formations, they are their own entity, like prepy kids in high school, saying their better and more important, and using you, the sub capital as cannon fodder. Which leads me to some of my idea for super capital changes that I like.
  • Make Super Capitals modular, engines, drone bay, bridge, reactor, and maybe more. Give each one a hit point value and make it so when its out its incapacitated, each one would disable a portion of the Supers ability's. Incap the engines, and the super can't warp out or move. Incap the reactor, it cant jump out or regen cap. Incap the Flight deck and it cant deploy any more drones or use its ship maitnace array. and if all other sections are incaped make it so you can kill the bridge and destroy the super. Now if you make the flight deck and the engines have relatively light HP compared to the other two, because they would be less armored and shielded, sup cap fleets could primary them and if not help take the beast down, maybe cripple it.
  • Make a T2 cruiser that can fit a capital destructive bomb or missile, much like the stealth bombers bomb launcher, make it so you have to actually shoot it in the general direction of the super like the bomb launcher and it do a massive amount of alpha damage. But also make it so its like a shaped charge and low explosive velocity its ineffective at damaging sub capitals.
  • increase aggression timers, so that if a super agresses it takes 30min to disappear after logging vs 15.
  • Make Cynos have a warm up timer of 2-5 min before any ship can jump trough, to give defending fleets time to destroy the cyno or get their defences ready.
Low Sec___________________________

Once again low sec in classic science fiction is usually know as the fringe worlds, systems that are begin colonized and getting ready of Begin brought into the fold of the inner worlds. The inner worlds don't have theresources to patrol the fringe worlds resulting in pirates being found all over in the shipping lanes where no one can hear you scream, or take weeks to get there to save you just to find your floating hulk. this doesn't mean the inner world didn't care, and they will usually deputize some police forces and distribute them around some of the main fringe world hubs for better response time.
  • As a friend of mine suggested, make it so normal none FW systems also have a faction beacon of sorts, and people can join one of two factions, concord deputes, or what ever faction is of the local pirate faction. And they have to fight over the systems, and each side gains loyalty points for the capture of a system for their faction. In addition who ever controlled the beacon would grant bonuses to the system for it such as.
  • If the pirates own the system, gate guns would have a slower lockign time, and all statiosn would be kick out stations.
  • If Concorde deputes controled the system, GCCs would extend to 30min, and the destruction of a ship belonging to a pilot with a lower sec status of -2 would grant a 1/4 bounty of what ever the market average of the base hull cost of the ship. so killing a 20mil hull would give 5mil split between all the people who helped kill it, or just make it so pilots killed with lower than -2 sec don'tget insurance payouts for ship loss in that system.
  • Oh and faction specific vanity items available in the LP store for each faction. (like awesome techno eye patches for pirates, and like medals and stars for concord deputies.) 
High Sec___________________________

  • Make it so if a corp leaves an alliance that is at war, they have to pay 200mil to the corp/alliance wallet of the corp that is decking them, If there are multiple decks then it will be 75mil to each.
  • increase redocking and gate jumping aggression timers to 2min
  • make RR or Remote anything to another ship agress and make it so you can not dock or gate jump for 1min.
0.0 Sov Changes ___________________________

  • Make it so local has a local count, and you can see the faces of all of your alliance and corp mates, but for anyone else its just a faceless number (unless they talk in local, in which it identifies them till they log or jump out of system) That way you cant tell who just jumped in, was it a NC. person, was it a two day old noob, you wont know till their on grid.
  • make it so corps can take sov, and sov is controlled on a cooperation level, and a individual corp cant control more than 3 systems. and they have to have at least 50 members to take sov (and they will lose it if they drop below 45 members.) This will make it harder for alliances to take allot of space since to take 18 systems they would need 6-50man corps, yet a sole 50 man corp could move down and take 3 systems of their very own without begin in an alliance.

Monday, October 3, 2011

You Mad Bro?

I see allot of people getting butt hurt about other peoples tactics or play styles in eve. Recently my corp and I went on a field trip down to Provi to put some pressure on some WTs that ran down there to hide. We all used Stealth bombers and Recons as to avoid most of the gate camps and roaming large gangs. NC. and CVA both had soem medium sized fleets that looked kinda nasty passing by our little gang as close as 10km as they roamed, but for the most part we left them alone. but one night we where camping a gate and a NC. vaga jumped into us and our raiper pilot was able to tackle him and we pounded it to dust. he then began to whine about us being lame cloaky cowards. This brought to mind a quote I heard a long time ago "The only difference between a victory and a massacre is who's side your on." I have heard allot of similar statements in my eve life of people who claimed the other side wasn't playing fair. I do think that killing one ship in more than 30 ships is a bit much and a bit bloby, but you know that if that Vaga had caught our Raiper alone he would have called all his little NC.fleet not far behind of like 20 in to kill it. I know everyone is in search of the elusive GF of even proportions, but you dont have to get so bent out of shape because you jump un scouted into a gate camp. I have done it numerous times in the past and I get alittle grumpy, but at my damn self not at the others for playing the game. Its like care bear corps getting mad of Mercs taking advantage of the war deck system "what did we ever do to you?! "Your not playing the game right."and more.

Anyway, share with me your favorit story of another pvper crying because they died.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Your Game To Play

 In my years of playing eve I find, (and I’m sure many other people will agree) that, a good portion of how much you enjoy eve, and what you do in it, is based off the corp or alliance your in. I know there are a good portion of people who lone wolf it up, and have a great time, but for the most part eve is a very social MMO.

Of late I have been seeing allot of current and old friends, and also people I hardly know complaining that eve is no longer fun, or that they just don’t seam to do anything when they log on.  I have been there a few times so I know how it is. 

First think to think about is how much time do you have for the game? If you have an hour a day then this may be your problem. Very little in eve doesn’t take more than an hour. This includes forming up, looking for targets, killing targets, coming back, and everything in between (like scanning ships at safe spots.)

Second thing to think about is how much dose your corp / alliance actually do? and more importantly do they do it in your time zone. If not, see if you can rabble rouse people in your time zone to do stuff, suggest little things like going on bombing runs, or taking some assault frigs out on a roam. Also ask if you or some one in your time zone can recruit some more people into your time zone. While its easy to blame the corp / alliance, its a group effort and its what YOU make of it.

Lastly, if all else fails, and your time zone is just getting less and less fun and people, you seriously need to think about finding a new place to live. This part is usually the hardest because you know these people well, and if you tell them you are thinking about leaving they will generally promise the moon to get you to stay, or just tell you to wait alittle longer they are working on it. Depending on how long your time zone has been declining you could wait alittle longer, but don’t wait to long or your just wasting more of your own time. You may feel like your abandoning your corp, but this is your game to play and pay for, if its been months since you got in a good fleet, its time to go. (if you do leave, it makes it easier if you have a good friend that wants to come with you, keep a piece of home to feel less lonely in your new one)

Now I’m going to give a list of my corp history and tell you exactly why I left each one, after that I will talk about looking for a new home and some ins and outs. If you want to skip the corp list feel free but I think its interesting haha.

(I left out all but the first noob corp since they arnt really that important)

State War Academy - Noob corp I started in duh lol.
M42-3 - I left because the CEO went insaine and thought some members of corp where stealing from him and he rage quit (Corp is dead)
Nebula 3 - Don't remember why I left but its dead now. (Corp is dead)
Titan Miner's Spartan Warriors - I was in and out of this corp many of times, but left to go pirate for a few weeks or take a break from eve, but always came back, till they joined an alaince (corp is dead, because we all merged with a corp in an alaince)
Terminal Logic - First PVP alaince, we stoal sov from WI in the first day of Dominion, Fail cascaded due to inner polotics. (The corp and alaince are both dead)
Phoenix Consortium - They promised more than they actualy did dand where no fun so I left, they closed a few months later. (Corp is dead)
Black Serpent Technologies - A corp in RAGE, was too big of fleet warfair for my liking and the leaders where Nazies so I left (Aliance are both pretty much dead just recently)
Chi Kara - Some of my old friends made a WH corp and I tried that for awhile, got board of carebearing and went back out in search of PVP  
Aurora Acclivitous - These guys got War decked By The Executioners till everyone quit alaince after a few months of war, but it was a fun war.
Terminal Impact - A Great Corp / Alliance down in Provi, was my favorite 0.0 PVP experience, till Evoke steamrolled Provi and it fell apart. (Corp is dead)
4 wing - Terminal Impact merged with 4 wing in the same alliance for political reasons, right before Provi was steam rolled. (Corp is dead and renamed to 5th Ace)
The Executioners - The best corp I have ever been in, so much fun PVP, i would actually suggest them to ANY one looking for pvp, great group of guys. but their EST time zone died so I was forced to leave sadly.
No.Mercy - Cool Guys allot like The Executioners (actually they are in the same alliance now) they also had a crap EST time zone, and I don't have enough time to play these days for 0.0 fleet responsibility.

The Skunkworks [SKNK.] from 2011.09.28 02:09 to this day

Now onto looking for a new corp

As stated above, things to look for when looking for a new corp is.
  • Are very active in your time zone (check their kill board, and times on their kills) 
  • Do they like the same kind of game play as you, piracy, high sec Merc, 0.0, high sec care bearing
  • Do they have the same mind set as you, such as greifing, trolling, or being a fair GF sort of guy
  • Are they Fail? (defiantly check their kill board)
Things to watch out for that may lead to joining a corp that's no fun
  • If they promise the moon and your hearts desire
  • If they claim to pvp, rat, mission, piracy, and every eve job in the game (means they may have no focus on anything)
  • If their kill board stats don't match up to how they claim their fleets go (such as they say they run 30 man gangs, yet you see 95% of their kills are with 3 people on them)
Generally some of the best guys to fly with are ones that don't try to impress you, they just seam like your type of people when they naturally tell you what they do. Such as The Skunkworks, they recruited me buy saying they where a fail corp who liked to grief and troll people and didn't care about killboard stats, they just wanted to have fun. Also they play in exactly the time zone I do. It sounded fishy, but it also sounded like it would be fun to give a try, and I have to admit the guys in corp really are fun individuals.

So wrapping it up, if you find yourself not enjoying your corp, go in search of one just right for you, its out there, ask friends and people you respect, they genially know good corps for different play styles, but cant join because they like the one they are in.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bringing the Alpha Pain

So I have made some previous posts talking about our terribly tactic deficient friends "Graywolf", well about a week ago they joined an alliance "Genesis Invictus".  This was cool with us because we figured that would mean they would get bigger fleets and grow some balls, but for the most part we just stumbled into some of their miners and what not, so we focused on our other wars. Well a couple days ago one of my corpies found this new alliance had a POS in a secluded system, and it was a faction medium with almost no defenses. We have previously failed to take down a few large POS due to lack of DPS, so allot of us where skeptical, but it was a medium POS worth a bit of isk so we decided to try our luck again. After a lovely evening of slowly chewing through its shields, and finally reinforcing it we where feeling rather confidant.

So two days later, we all log in to take it down, we of course had not seen any notion that "Genesis Invictus" would defend their POS so we all travel to the system with out much thought when we get scout reports that the alliance has about a 15 man fleet headed our way (unfortunately I have a real life and had to log for a lovely family dinner) but while I was absent our fleet engaged their fleet and we almost killed a Rokh, but they ended up killing poor  Odemis's ArmageddonWell our fleet disengages and goes back to the system where the POS was and shoots at it to try to force their fleet into warping to them at rage this time. (this is where I log back on a few jumps out to rush to system) I hear over coms that the enemy fleet obliged and warped to our fleet at 50k where our BSs switched to long range ammo and was able to kill 2 cains (1 , 2) and a Apoc, before they warped out and hid in station and in the POS.  After that I arrive in system, I warp to my fleet just in time to start seriously killing the POS. The POS didn't take to long to kill but there where some interesting kills while we where at it, and that’s where my alpha Pest shined.

#1 - AFK enemy drake drifted out side the POS shields

#2 - I DCed just in time fore a Bassi, Gardian, and Ospry from a alt corp, to warp to the POS and start reping it, the Gardian and Osprey died but the Bassi got away and im sure if i Hadent DCed it would have died too. and

#3 - a drake from the same alt corp warps in at rage from the shields and us, our fast tackle burns out to get him but he is outside range of all our BS besides me so the others had to warp out then to the tackler to help kill it.

Finaly the tower gose down, and we mop up the mods. I log soon after this because my internet was gettign laggy, but a couple hours later our favorit War target Max logs back on off where the tower used to be and my corp mates kill him, and his pod, it seams when they warped into our fleet at 50k and started losing Max logged off and hid, so later that night he logged on right back into us haha. I know this isn’t the most interesting battle report, but over the stretch of the evening we did get quite a few good kills and a fleet fight, which is much more than we have got of late. Also I love the feeling when a arty Pests volley hits a target and takes half its HP from a volley.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Flying Duch-shoe

I have been flying one of my fav ships in eve again lately, the Dominix. (at least till I can fly the geddon) The reason i love this ship so much is because it has more uses than i can shake a stick at, can fit a surprising amount of dps, or a substantial buffer, makes a great duel rep ship, a super RR boat, and even make a scary neut tub... Shame its as ugly as Sin *rim shot*

This will be a short blog post all about my love for the domi and its many uses, since not much in eve is going on atm besides a few Abandon kills here and there and allot of mutual blue balling.

My favorit is the DPS giant domi, fit with a full top wrack of electron blasters and OgreIIs a domi can put out a staggering amount of dps, usually has a smaller buffer than most domis to make room for PG and mag stabs, it can eat most BCs and some BSs solo for break fast. Its super scary yet made of glass cousin the shield domi can fit a entire wrack of ion blasters and has increased range and speed. yet usually with  only a 3 slot shield tank it doesn't have much ehp.

Secondly comes the rock domi, fit with 2 emans, 1 dcu, and 4 1600 plates, it can have a hell of a buffer especially with slaves. What makes the domi so versatile is the fact that half its DPS comes from its drones, so a domi can still be quite dangerous even without damage mods or guns. full tank domis high slots can be fit with a ton of different things, from med neutron blasters, to auto cannons, to lasers, to a mix of med/large neuts, to RR. for this very reason the domi is a extremely easy BS for newer pilots to use because as long as they have moderate drone skills they can fill the rest of the ship in with what ever high slots their best at.

Finally you have the rare variants, such as the laser domi, the sentury sniper domi, and the duel rep domi. the other strength of the domi besides it drone bay is it five mid slots which allow it to fit cap boosters, tackle and anything else you may need like ECCM. Because most people who put guns on a domi use med guns, it doesn't really matter which one you chose. I have even seen a domi with 2 neuts, 1 large smart bomb, and 3 med blasters so it could do alittle of everything, which makes the domi superb at soloing and gang warfare.

Now for some interesting domi fits i have encountered in my time.

Dule Rep Domi, I saw this ship tank 2 BSs and a BC with ease.

Full buffer tank with some neutage and alittle RR, generally i would have fit more med neuts than leave high slots open if it was me.

My favorite is the multi task brawler domi, great for solo work.

Standard full neut domi fit.

1200 dps blaster domi

Similarly the Typhoon with its bonuses to multiple weapons and large drone bay acts allot like the domi being able to be fit for a ton of different roles and yet still put out a reasonable amount of dps.

In conclustion the domi has a role in almost any fleet for any situation and is a remarkable ship all around, if it just wasent so bulbus looking haha. Oh and as a final added bonus its a meta 1 BS so its reasonably cheep for what it dose.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tiny Frigate Missiles

So we are still at war with Graywolf, and yes they are indeed "still" fail. I logged on last night and saw that we had killed 2 Graywolf drakes, a rifter, and their CEOs tengu and his pod. While i had missed out on the fun, this made us all very pleased because their CEO Maximus Aureilieus has lost very little during the war, mostly because he flys a scorp that can jam out to 150km. He has also braged about how he had expensive implants and how we would never kill his pod, so the pod was just icing on the tengu cake. Here is a link to his tengu lost, I could go into detail about how useless that fitting is at engadging a hac/faction cruiser gang and how he should have not got anywhere near it with HAMs, but that's what my CEO monk usually covers in his blog here. Yes its odd to have two people in the same small corp do blogs but i guess it shows a different side to things.

Well considering there was no Greywolf in local, and most of my corp where taking it easy for the night after their caldari ship slaughter, i decided to go buy a ship i have been wanting to fly for a long time, a Sentinel. This tiny frigate is an interesting specimen I have been waiting to try, because it seams like a interceptor style ship that can actually solo allot of turret based ships.

Amarr Frigate Skill Bonus: 20% bonus to energy vampire and energy neutralizer transfer amount per level and 5% bonus to effectiveness of tracking disruptors per level

Electronic Attack Ships Skill Bonus: 40% bonus to energy vampire and energy neutralizer range and 5% reduction in capacitor recharge time per level 

Unlike some frigates and other T2 ships, every bonus on this ship is 100% useful and work in conjunction to make the ship efficient at its role. the 20% bonus to neut drain and 40% bonus to its range make small T2 neuts hit out to 18.5k range and destroy 100 cap per cycle. The tracking disrupter bonus makes it so 2 tracking disrupters with range scripts will make most none sniper ships optimal + falloff far bellow 10k, and I'm sure tracking disrupting scripts would make any battle ship never hit you. Finally the cap recharge rate bonus helps you keep all the electronic warfare and neuts from capping yourself out. and finally the best part, a killer drone bay, with three sets of four drones.

My fit goes alittle something like this

Sentinel aka: Cap Bugler

2x Small energy neutralizer II
1x Small Nosferatu II 

1x Warp disrupter II 
1x 1mn microwarpdrive II
2x DDO photoemitry tracking disrupter I

3x Capacitor power relay II

2x Energy port maximizer I

4x Warrior II
4x Hobgobblin II
4x HornetEC-300s

Now the scary part of this fit is it has no tank, i mean 0 other than speed and Ewar, so if you ever find yourself scrammed, or have another frigate within 10k, kiss your ass goodbye. but still its a 20mil ship with about 10mil worth of fittings, not a terrible price for a frig that can beat up most none missile boats. if possible i would avoid nano ships because they could over heat and get withing range to fuck you up while your orbiting them. 

After fitting this ship up and flying it back to the WTs system I arrived just in time to see that 2 of the war targets where in system, and not only that, they where jumping safe spots 300km around station in a scorpion and a cyclone. Stupidly they kept using the same 4 and didn't keep any secret ones. So one of m corp mates logged onto his main in a geddon, and his alt in a probby ship, quickly scanning them down and getting us a warp in on (guess who) Max's scorpion, which couldn't jam us all out and died very quickly. That's when we found out why he couldn't jam us all, or actually any of us, he was rather poorly fit. The idea for a good scorp was in there but he sure didn't have it, I see the caldari jammers where to jam our drake, and the sensor damp is an effective stratagy for cutting other ECM off from jamming you. but with no nuts or small drones. he couldnt stop tacklers almost at all, not to mention a single invul field is about useless by itself, he should have fit a few diferance races of jammers, especialy allot more amarr considering its mostly what we fly. I do note the sensor booster and MWD on the fit which shows some consideration above some of their previously on prop mod fits.

A short time later the cyclone that was with the scorp earlier lands on the station with only one of us out side, and decides to attack Dis in his drake, I'm sure dis could take him solo but we where afraid he would deagress and dock so Dart and I warped in and finished him off, as well as getting his pod. Once again the ship was horribly fail fit, and even had tiny frigate missiles on it.

I then proceeded to smack talk Max in local over his and his corps fits then went to bed.

Smack talk:
Heribeck Weathers> Are you sad, lonely, depressed, dose your ships explode around you quickly without having done much good? if so buy fits from Becks ship lot today!
Heribeck Weathers> Hay Max for the low low price of 500mil i will teach you to fit a proper Scorpion.
Heribeck weathers> Act now, for a limited time only, get tips on fitting Cyclones with above offer.

Heribeck weathers> Side effects may include: Spontaneous selling of fail fit Rokhs, smiling, people being impressed with your fits. some users have actually experienced winning.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rohk you like a Hurricane

So We have been at war with a small Cooperation Called Greywolf Enterprises. In their corp description they state they enjoy pvp, but ever since the war started, even tho they can field superior numbers against us, they have been nothing but cowards.

The first night of the war, most of our corp was busy messing with Methodical, but the 2 that couldn't get cynoed down to 0.0 went looking for our WTs and found them, and proceeded to get camped into station by almost 20 of them. So we figured we would get some good fights the next day when all of us could get over there.

The second night of the war, they saw our numbers (which was still less than theirs) and got less ballsy, got a drake killed and decided we where to good for them and proceeded to hide in their POS.

The third night of the war, we went and decided to shoot their POS to force them to fight, their POS had allot of short range guns so we all got in snipers and tried to bash it but warped into a bad spot and almost all died, so we refit and got a new warp in and tried again this time with 3 guardians, managing to find the sweet spot where their guns couldn't even touch us. This caused our WTs to come out in 3 basilisks and 1 scorpion, which where trying to rep the mods we where killing. While slowing us down but didn't stop us. Being in sniper ships we did take pot shots at the basis and scorp when we could, and eventually killed 1 bassi and the scorp. (the scorp was fit for fully jamming out our 3 guardians, even tho our snipers where taking no damage and wernt really important) Allas it got to late at night to shoot the tower once most the guns where dead and we would try again tomorrow earlier.

The forth night of the war, Graywolf reped all their in caped mods and added some large lazors to stop us from sniping as well as put some shield hardeners online for the tower, making it impossible for us to kill the tower with our numbers, so we called it a night and did other things.

The fifth night of the war, we got word that Graywolf had grown their balls back and where planning on fighting back tonight so we all formed in their system and waited, for hours. Even tho we knew they had formed up a very good shield fleet with RR and if fielded right could maybe defeat us they wouldn't fight, but we where able to scan down apart of their fleet and get some one to warp to it, forcing them to warp to a gate where we where waiting and caught them. the resulting fight was fast and feirce, we didn't know all the ships they where going to warp in but we where surprised to see 2 Rokhs 2 Hyperion's, 2 logis, 2 scorps, and 2 tackler frigs warp in on us. (scorpions at 70k, out side our slow armor fleets range of catching them atm) Unfortunately they had most of our fleet jammed out for the entire fight and almost all of us had ECCM and where overheating them! i only broke the jams a few times in the fight, making sure to over heat my guns and slap them and my newts on the primaries when I could. Thankfully I had 5 ogres and I kept assisting them to my fleet mates that broke the jams, meaning with all our drones we and the times we could break lock we still out DPSed them and killed most their fleet without losing a single ship. sadly the 2 scorps warped off to safety and didn't even make it on the battle report, which can be viewed here.

Sadly to say their fits where terrible, especially the fact that almost no one had a prop mod.

Well after that devastating defeat we are fairly sure they will never fight us again, so hopefully we can ransom them.

PS: oh and it seams they didn't know that their nutral RR ships could be shot if they reped our WTs, they called us Haxors luls.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Troll Sov Come and Gone

So I have recently joined a troll/war deck corp called "The Skunkworks",They are a small corp and they find it hard to get enough people in fleet to properly accomplish anything we try, such as killing POSs, or TCUs, or even bombing a gang with enough bombers to kill anything. Despite alllll of that, they are a super cool group of dedicated guys who believe in trying for the luls and having fun above kill board stats or even killing our goal. Psychotic Monk our CEO is a very fun loving guy who every week comes up with some scheme to get us all killed *cough* i mean kill some noobs. Over all they may accomplish little but I have had more fun with them in a couple weeks then I have had in eve in a long time, and you know that's what really matters.

Now on to our latest idea to troll some people and have fun doing it. The Skunk works shortly before me joining them War decked an alliance called "The Methodical Alliance" which they commenced to kill relentlessly and troll till they decided to no longer undock so the skunkworks went on to find better prey. Well it seams the Methodical where so upstart while still being noobs that it made a perminate small wish for Skunkworks to free the Galaxy of their fail, so recently We noticed that they had gained 9 systems down in Tribute, so we sent a scout down to check if they where ratting and mining it up and living the so called good life. What we found was nothing, nothing at all, empty space, no stations, no POSs, no good true sec, and the tech moons belonged to the people they where renting off of. So we decided that since Methodical didn't seam to want their systems or to put defencive POSs under their TCUs, we would liberate the space. So we SBUed a couple of their systems, called in friends to help kill their TCU and let them put up their own TCU their since we couldn't. Methodical eventually got off their butt, and put some POSs up and cryed on their hands and knees to their renters to help (who where to busy) so they ended up having to pay Intrepid crossing to come take back their systems for them. So while we no longer own their system or and SBUs down their, they have not hear the last of us.

That was the short short version of the events down in Tribute fucking with Methodicals heads, So here is a pic showign test takign their system that one of our guys PSed our name in at the bottom for luls.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 Heatsinks Or Go Home

It's been a long long time since I posted anything, but I have really always wanted to continue this blog. The main reasons I haven’t been posting has been RL issues, and the fact that my EVE excitement has gone down quite a-bit from back when I started this blog. Anyway I have finally forced myself to restart my blog and I hope I have some interesting things to post in the future.

To start off I’m going to show you the ship I’m currently training for

Armageddon - aka: Salamander

Adaptive Nano Plating II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
Damage Control II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I

Warp Disrupter II
Heavy Electrocemical Capacitor Booster I
100MN MicroWarpdrive II

Mega Pulse Laser II
Mega Pulse Laser II
Mega Pulse Laser II
Mega Pulse Laser II
Mega Pulse Laser II
Mega Pulse Laser II
Mega Pulse Laser II
500w Infectious Power System Malfunction

Large Energy Burst Areator I
Large Trimark Armor Pump I
Large Trimark Armor Pump I

Berzerker II
Berzerker II
Berzerker II
Berzerker II
Warrior II
Warrior II
Warrior II
Warrior II
Warrior II

7x Scorch
7x Imperial Navy Multifrequency
Cap Booster 800s

With over 1000dps over heated and almost 100k ehp this ship is just begging to be flown. It dose have some short comings, such as it eats cap like candy and the lack of web, but it has a few tricks up its sleave to help with that such as using 1 less heavy drone to give you a full flight of warrior2s and its heavy Newt. You may ask "why the long point?" but thats because if you quickly switch your ammo to the T2 scorch this ship can easily hit past 20k giving you amazing dps even at range.

Alterativly you can leave the trimarks off all together and just go for dps rigs, giving you about 80k ehp but making your ship cost only around 70mil (thats as much as a T2 fit BC!)

This ship is great vs most BCs, and shield tanked BSs. It can fight cruisers using its newt and drones, but Recons and HACs may give you trouble if they get under your tracking. Also most armor BSs while having similar DPS and EHP, they have their best resists against your damage so in an even fight you are likely to lose.

For its cheep price yet amazing abilitys, this will likely be my new favorite toy as soon as I finish getting T2 heavy lasers.

For my next few blog posts I will be highlighting some of my favorit practical pvp set ups and talking about them till i get some interesting EVE action to tell you about.

I would also like to make a shout out to one of my favorite EVE blogs The Altruist 

PS: i may go back and reedit my older posts, the layout and grammer are terible

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mosh Pit

So last night I log on at my usual time just to catch my corp about to leave on a shield BC  roam, I quickly grabbed my Cyclone and ran after them catching up  a few systems away. So our FC decides he wants to go for a 0.0 roam trough our normal near by stomping grounds, but not trough the front door we usually go in, but one of the back doors a few more jumps away. So we make the loop around and send in our scout / bait ship in first. He gets a scorp and a Slepnir to aggress on the gate and we all jump in and POWN the Slepnir and almost get the scorp, but he jumps trough the gate in structure. So we continue our roam up and around and quickly run into Republic alliance messing around in small groups, on seeing us of course they all rush off to reship. Our FC makes it look as if we are running trough their system then turns and reapproaches the gate next to their system, waiting for them to come after us. The ploy works and we soon have a Cain, Brutix and 2 ravens jump into us, the Cain and ravens die quickly without pulling off a single shot and the brutix gets away. Soon the rest of them quickly jump in and start engaging us, our 2 scimitar pilots keeping us healthy for quite awhile while we proceed to kill off both their logis and a few more of their BCs. Eventually their numbers began to take their toll, using all their combined ECM drones to jam out or logis, the drakes who had jumped trough all had burned about 50-70 off gate and where sniping us while a broadsword was holding us down. We managed to kill the broadsword and get out logis out, as well as a couple of BCs though not many. I died in my Cyclone while the logis where jammed but it was a glorious death and glorious battle. We came out way on top with the kills, which is great for having 12 of us vs 23, not including the 20 more they had on their way we ran into while escaping. Link to battle report

Well after a bit we all reshipped and went out on another Shield BC roam but in low sec this time. Pretty much right off the bat we snag a armor fit Cynable and kill him, then a few jumps farther on while waiting off some GCC we get a Thanitos on scan in system so our amazing Craptor pilot goes looking for him hopping to get lucky, and man did we, he found him sitting at 0 on a planet and tackled him, we all warped to him and began to rip him apart when he hit armor and started dropping just as fast we where all surprised till we killed him and found out he was completely unfit. Fail capital pilots for the win! Thani Kill After that I had to turn in for bed. Was a very very good night

Monday, February 28, 2011

Not so stylish death

Well I named this blog "dying in style" but that’s allot harder than is sounds in EVE unless you take down another ship or ships of equal or greater value to your own when you die.

So yesterday started out with a less than stylish death on my part. While roaming an area I have barely ever visited with Nathan, we ran into a Vaga gang so we quickly backtracked and went another way to avoid them. Well a few jumps away from them I landed on a gate and decided to go check out another system instead, so I clicked warp and my ship starts slowly aligning when a Vaga jump in trough my gate, declaoks and points me. By this time I had drifted like 4-5k from the gate so I try to turn back around to get to the gate when the vaga gets a good bump on me and sends me about 10k from the gate. At this point i try to jam the vaga but I couldn’t get a jam on him for the life of me. That’s when two fast tackle friends of his jump in and get webs on me, I still tried to jam them all out but could never get all three when the rest of their gang came in and ganked me. Was my fault but dang, if I landed on gate 5 seconds sooner or later I would have got out fine.

I went and got a new Falcon and we went and started to bubble camp one of our normal systems, but luck was not on our side, I could elaborate in detail but sufficient to say we had a Manticor, Caracal, and a Cain escape out bubble after landing in it. Then close to when we where going to turn in a Rapier landed in the bubble and killed Nathan.

After that I went out on a BC roam with some of my corp mates and we had some ok kills. We Killed a Dragoons Brutix (his friends ran like cowards even though they outnumbered us) a drake in 0.0, then another pirate towards the end of our roam. On both the Cain kill and the drake kill, out bait tackle where both in structure when the enemy was killed, talk about hero tackles.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Defanging A Wolf

Yesterday was another uneventful day with few kills to say the least but there was alittle excitement in it thankfully. Nathan and I where bubble camping a system near where we usually camp, it was rather quiet. Finally after what seamed forever we had a bump in local, we waited and waited but he never came over to our side of the system (now that I look back on it he was probably ratting over there) then suddenly we had a flash on our gate and a Tangu jumped in. Well the Tengu didn’t immediately warp off and Nathan knowing they can shoot quite far decides to warp to a planet to deny him a easy target. The Tangu warps off just ass a wolf comes on scan, the wolf actually lands on the bubble and turns around and warps off just as Nathan gets back to the bubble, both of us thinking we lost out on a good kill. the Wolf bounces off a planet and warps to the gate next to our bubble, seeing Nathan alone on it he starts burning over to him fast, I warn Nathan to be careful because Wolfs are much stronger than him and that I would assist him asap as soon as he called point. Well Nathans Thrasher and the guys wolf clashed next to the bubble and I quickly declocked, mean while Nathan is taking a beating and wont last much longer, finaly I get my jamms on the wolf and perma jam him out with Nathan in low armor, even still it took Nathan quiet a bit of time to chew trough the active tanked wolf. Was a good kill and the Wolf even had alittle faction loot on him. Wolf Kill

Nathan and I did almost kill a Hurricane later on, but a cloaky rapier, which had been stalking around ssytem forever decided to help the cain and was successful in driving Nathan off the field. The rest of the day was rather uneventful, I did go On a roam with my alliance but I volunteered to be the +1 scout and ened up missing all 3 of the evenings kills from cross jumping ships. Ah well can’t get them all, Scouts much like being the logi pilot, necessary, but little glory.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gate Camping Is like fishing, just more rewarding

Well I figure since I just started this I best get in the habit of updating it no matter how boring the pvp day was haha.

Yesterdays pvp fun of the day started out with Me and my friend Nathan C Fillion and I going and placing a stop bubble in a 0.0 system near by. The area is usually hot and cold which is fairly good since you can avoid the hotter and dangerous fleets and hope something small comes by when its cold. The day started rather un eventful with almost no traffic coming trough but stealth bomber (Damn you stealth bombers to hell!) and a ways into our ship fishing trip a nice big gang of 25 came trough, a bunch of BCs and HACs, and a few logis mixed in, well they landed right in our bubble (we had run off to a tactical safe as to not die of course) but I don’t think they appreciated being stopped 70k from the gate so the destroyed by bubble post haste.  

After that I went and got another bubble and we moved a few systems farther down the pipe. It still quiet for awhile till a Stiletto pilot came in, bounced to a planet and landed on the gate next to our bubble. I was cloaked above the bubble and Nathan was in a thrasher on the bubble, the stiletto actually burned toward Nathan and engaged him. Nathan is by far not a old or experienced player yet but no frig should fuck with a thrasher if its short range fit, which this Stiletto was, Nathan fucked his world up pretty good, and I decloaked and aggressed just to whore on the mail, not that Nathan needed the assistance. 

After that a Stealth Bomber came in and started making repeated bombing runs on Nathan in his thrasher for the next hour, which was annoying yet almost funny since he wasn’t even hurting Nathan. Well eventually an alliance mate of the bomber comes in with a Griffin, lands in our bubble and try’s to jam and kill Nathan, Hilariously enough Nathan just two shots him just as the Stealth bomber decloacks and starts torpedoing Nathan not doing much damage still, Nathan gives chase and I try to aggress the bomber aswell but it gets away. Shortly after another 20 man gang comes by and pops our bubble again so we take a few hour break.

Later on by this time My corp mates are starting to log on and get restless so we all go back down to 0.0 and set up a proper gate camp with all the fixings, was a very nice and proper gate camp, shame nothing really came trough except a few small frigs which we toasted, 2 Dramials and 2 Teranises which all got trough the camp, A Dragoons Fleet came our way and it was actually looking like we might get a good fair fight on our hands, they had a few HACs, AFs and Crusers, but they sent a Ruppy into our camp as a scout and he ended up extra crispy, so the dragoons fleet turn tail and ran like the cowards they are. (Dragoons are a old enemy of ours that we hate to death for their cowardice) So the fleet dceides to go on a short low sec roam and on our way around the low sec loop in our area, when a Tempest lands on gate with us, it jumps trough and we jump after it and engaged, he actually engaged back which sealed any chance it had of getting back to gate, it died fast, was kind of noob fit, tho the two large smart bombs killed all our drones. Then a few Systems on Havalock sees a drake 100k from gate and takes his fleet issue stabber and goes for a hero tackle, snagging the drake though he is now taking a beating as we all jump in and burn toward him as fast as we can, thankfully we had logis which got in range and repped Havalock right before he would have lost his shields, we then proceeded to teach the drake to not sit off gates and not run when one of our ships burns for him. After than we roamed back home and didn’t see a soul out so fleet was called and most of us logged. Fail Tempest Kill

I did get almost top damage dealer on both the drake and Tempest and I got both kill mails so I was fairly satisfied.