Monday, February 28, 2011

Not so stylish death

Well I named this blog "dying in style" but that’s allot harder than is sounds in EVE unless you take down another ship or ships of equal or greater value to your own when you die.

So yesterday started out with a less than stylish death on my part. While roaming an area I have barely ever visited with Nathan, we ran into a Vaga gang so we quickly backtracked and went another way to avoid them. Well a few jumps away from them I landed on a gate and decided to go check out another system instead, so I clicked warp and my ship starts slowly aligning when a Vaga jump in trough my gate, declaoks and points me. By this time I had drifted like 4-5k from the gate so I try to turn back around to get to the gate when the vaga gets a good bump on me and sends me about 10k from the gate. At this point i try to jam the vaga but I couldn’t get a jam on him for the life of me. That’s when two fast tackle friends of his jump in and get webs on me, I still tried to jam them all out but could never get all three when the rest of their gang came in and ganked me. Was my fault but dang, if I landed on gate 5 seconds sooner or later I would have got out fine.

I went and got a new Falcon and we went and started to bubble camp one of our normal systems, but luck was not on our side, I could elaborate in detail but sufficient to say we had a Manticor, Caracal, and a Cain escape out bubble after landing in it. Then close to when we where going to turn in a Rapier landed in the bubble and killed Nathan.

After that I went out on a BC roam with some of my corp mates and we had some ok kills. We Killed a Dragoons Brutix (his friends ran like cowards even though they outnumbered us) a drake in 0.0, then another pirate towards the end of our roam. On both the Cain kill and the drake kill, out bait tackle where both in structure when the enemy was killed, talk about hero tackles.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Defanging A Wolf

Yesterday was another uneventful day with few kills to say the least but there was alittle excitement in it thankfully. Nathan and I where bubble camping a system near where we usually camp, it was rather quiet. Finally after what seamed forever we had a bump in local, we waited and waited but he never came over to our side of the system (now that I look back on it he was probably ratting over there) then suddenly we had a flash on our gate and a Tangu jumped in. Well the Tengu didn’t immediately warp off and Nathan knowing they can shoot quite far decides to warp to a planet to deny him a easy target. The Tangu warps off just ass a wolf comes on scan, the wolf actually lands on the bubble and turns around and warps off just as Nathan gets back to the bubble, both of us thinking we lost out on a good kill. the Wolf bounces off a planet and warps to the gate next to our bubble, seeing Nathan alone on it he starts burning over to him fast, I warn Nathan to be careful because Wolfs are much stronger than him and that I would assist him asap as soon as he called point. Well Nathans Thrasher and the guys wolf clashed next to the bubble and I quickly declocked, mean while Nathan is taking a beating and wont last much longer, finaly I get my jamms on the wolf and perma jam him out with Nathan in low armor, even still it took Nathan quiet a bit of time to chew trough the active tanked wolf. Was a good kill and the Wolf even had alittle faction loot on him. Wolf Kill

Nathan and I did almost kill a Hurricane later on, but a cloaky rapier, which had been stalking around ssytem forever decided to help the cain and was successful in driving Nathan off the field. The rest of the day was rather uneventful, I did go On a roam with my alliance but I volunteered to be the +1 scout and ened up missing all 3 of the evenings kills from cross jumping ships. Ah well can’t get them all, Scouts much like being the logi pilot, necessary, but little glory.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gate Camping Is like fishing, just more rewarding

Well I figure since I just started this I best get in the habit of updating it no matter how boring the pvp day was haha.

Yesterdays pvp fun of the day started out with Me and my friend Nathan C Fillion and I going and placing a stop bubble in a 0.0 system near by. The area is usually hot and cold which is fairly good since you can avoid the hotter and dangerous fleets and hope something small comes by when its cold. The day started rather un eventful with almost no traffic coming trough but stealth bomber (Damn you stealth bombers to hell!) and a ways into our ship fishing trip a nice big gang of 25 came trough, a bunch of BCs and HACs, and a few logis mixed in, well they landed right in our bubble (we had run off to a tactical safe as to not die of course) but I don’t think they appreciated being stopped 70k from the gate so the destroyed by bubble post haste.  

After that I went and got another bubble and we moved a few systems farther down the pipe. It still quiet for awhile till a Stiletto pilot came in, bounced to a planet and landed on the gate next to our bubble. I was cloaked above the bubble and Nathan was in a thrasher on the bubble, the stiletto actually burned toward Nathan and engaged him. Nathan is by far not a old or experienced player yet but no frig should fuck with a thrasher if its short range fit, which this Stiletto was, Nathan fucked his world up pretty good, and I decloaked and aggressed just to whore on the mail, not that Nathan needed the assistance. 

After that a Stealth Bomber came in and started making repeated bombing runs on Nathan in his thrasher for the next hour, which was annoying yet almost funny since he wasn’t even hurting Nathan. Well eventually an alliance mate of the bomber comes in with a Griffin, lands in our bubble and try’s to jam and kill Nathan, Hilariously enough Nathan just two shots him just as the Stealth bomber decloacks and starts torpedoing Nathan not doing much damage still, Nathan gives chase and I try to aggress the bomber aswell but it gets away. Shortly after another 20 man gang comes by and pops our bubble again so we take a few hour break.

Later on by this time My corp mates are starting to log on and get restless so we all go back down to 0.0 and set up a proper gate camp with all the fixings, was a very nice and proper gate camp, shame nothing really came trough except a few small frigs which we toasted, 2 Dramials and 2 Teranises which all got trough the camp, A Dragoons Fleet came our way and it was actually looking like we might get a good fair fight on our hands, they had a few HACs, AFs and Crusers, but they sent a Ruppy into our camp as a scout and he ended up extra crispy, so the dragoons fleet turn tail and ran like the cowards they are. (Dragoons are a old enemy of ours that we hate to death for their cowardice) So the fleet dceides to go on a short low sec roam and on our way around the low sec loop in our area, when a Tempest lands on gate with us, it jumps trough and we jump after it and engaged, he actually engaged back which sealed any chance it had of getting back to gate, it died fast, was kind of noob fit, tho the two large smart bombs killed all our drones. Then a few Systems on Havalock sees a drake 100k from gate and takes his fleet issue stabber and goes for a hero tackle, snagging the drake though he is now taking a beating as we all jump in and burn toward him as fast as we can, thankfully we had logis which got in range and repped Havalock right before he would have lost his shields, we then proceeded to teach the drake to not sit off gates and not run when one of our ships burns for him. After than we roamed back home and didn’t see a soul out so fleet was called and most of us logged. Fail Tempest Kill

I did get almost top damage dealer on both the drake and Tempest and I got both kill mails so I was fairly satisfied.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The lonely mans bubble camp

Ok here is a little tutorial on how I do a solo bubble camp. First there are a few things you have to have.

  • A empty 0.0 system that has alittle traffic but not a ton, and not owned by a huge alliance that will kick you out because you are 3 jumps from their home system. Preferably with only 1 out and in gate.
  • A mobile warp disrupter bubble, small is fine and easier to move around
  • a semi fast locking ship (usually one sensor booster can get you good enough lock) with a scram and web. This is usually a armor tanked ship anywhere from a Vexor, to a Myrmidon or Hurricane, only difference in ship size you fly is how big of prey you can go after. a example fitting
  • Time and lots of it, people are smart, they may bounce past your bubble oor might just not come trough your ssytem at all.
  • a few safe spots in system, and a pounce spot above gate.

 ok so first thing you do when you get in system is to get to 0 on the gate you think most traffic will come from, then warp to the opposite gate at 70km. once landed set out your bubble, don’t just anchor it right off the bat, keep picking it back up and placing it down till its roughly in front of or behind your ship, the bubble will randomly be placed anywhere so this can be annoying. Once the bubble is in a good spot anchor it. (this is called a STOP bubble as they stop short of there destination gate 65-75km short on your bubble, there are pull bubbles but they are a tad more time consuming to set up with much the same effect) One the bubble is fully anchored and up, warp to the other gate once again and then do a 360 and warp back to the gate you bubble is on to test if the bubble stops you properly. Before moving once you land you can jettison a can, which can help uncloak cloaky, ships that land on your bubble, this used to be a EVE exploit so if you don’t like doing it you don’t have to. Next warp up to your pounce spot 200km above the bubble and open your scanner, making sure your looking down at the gate so you can tell if new entry’s came from your gate or the one you wanted them to come from.

If you get a local bump up, first make sure they did not come from the gate you bubble is on, you cant catch them very easy if they do, next make sure to check which corp or alliance they are with, you may know people in the area who often bait with ships. Next make sure to be hitting the scan button to try to see him on your scanner so you can see what ship hes in. if your confident hes alone and hes in a ship you think you can take on immediately warp to the can you placed (or just the bubble if you didn’t place one) make sure your sensor booster is on and wait for him to land in the bubble with you. Once he dose lock them and kill them, make sure to watch local incase he brings back up. if he lands at the gate and not the bubble he most likely anticipated a bubble and bounced off a celestial, just turn and get back up to your pounce right away.

One of the main reasons for the pounce and not sitting at zero on the bubble is people coming from the gate your on, if a gang with a interceptor comes in they could be on you before you warp off, at the pounce you will be at a safe distance with plenty of time to get to a safe.

On a side note there are some systems with gates that are less than an AU apart, usually the gate across system can catch incoming people from both those gates with 1 bubble, this can be rather fun and useful.

Introduction To A World Of Pain

 Just so we start off on the same page, this will be a EVE online pvp tutorial blog / update on my daily fun in EVE, though it wont be updated daily haha. Link to curent kill board

Ok, to any one who doesn’t know me my name is Heribeck Weathers in the lovely death-defying world of EVE. If you dont like EVE or arnt interested in it why are you here, please leave, and I hate you. For all you know, play, or are interested in starting, just call me Heribeck or Beck.

To give a brief history on my eve life, I started this character back in late 2008, care beared missioning and worm holing for almost a year in high sec, with only the minimal worm hole scuffle or high sec war deck as pvp experience. I will sate that I now have a strong hatred of PVE and will never go back to it except sec ratting. The first pvp corp / alliance I joined was Terminal Logic, like allot of pvp corps they had a good run then a bad one and where currently seeking members to try for another good run, my care bear corp which was tired of wormholing joined terminal logic and fun little 0.0 roams commenced. Not long after joining Terminal Logic the new sov system started and our alliance made a mad break for the 0.0 systems Wildly Inappropriate lost because of it. I am proud to say we did end up on eve news that day as possibly killing one of the first TCU ever, but there where no kill mails for them back then so we have no proof. We held sov for awhile before we got kicked out by a much much bigger alliance as it always goes, but it was a fun few months. I then proceeded to join RAGE for awhile and a few other small pvp corps because after RAGE I found I hated large alliances, to over crowded and 2000 man fights is lag city.

Imcurrently in a corp called the Executioners, which is in the alliance Boglyft (if you dont know what Boglyft is I don’t recommend looking it up, but it is kind of funny) Bogolft is a great alliance with allot of mature and fun people, one of the best alainces I have ever been in, they take thing so laid back and most people fly what they want to fly.  We are mostly low sec pirates but we frequently 0.0 gate camp and roam, usually with a nice strong gang. And I will say we get allot of nice kills Such as a almost $bil Vindicator a week or two ago. Link to Vindi kill.
We most certainly dont get into all that fancy cap warfare, tho we have killed a few carriers when we get really lucky, we roam and have fun. Which usually give much better stories than 500 man fights can ever give.

Well thats it for my first post, but I do plan on having more soon, along with some beginner pvp tactics and fittings.