Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tr3 Battle Cruisers PVP Performance

(Disclaimer: the new Tr3 Battle cruisers stats are subject to constant chance, my commentary as of now is biased of the stats currently available for player use on Sisi, I will repost my review, or edit this one once the official stats are released, though I feel we wont see allot more change in them unfortunately.)

Ill start with my findings from worst to best.


The Talos, as it stands right now, is a Megathron with almost no tank. I engaged may of them on sisi, and even flew it myself, and its main flaw is it seams to die before it can bring its tremendous DPS to bear. I don’t have any rail skills so I asked a friend to try out a sniper fit for me, he tried a few sizes of large rails, and while it was easy to get great ranges out of them with T2 range ammo, they still lacked allot in DPS (hopefully the hybrid turrets buff helps with this when the wither expansion comes out.)

At the moment I am kind of torn between if the Talos should be armor or shield tanked for the blaster setup. On one hand, the shield tank lets it become quite agile and fast, and get the most out of its DPS, yet it has little tackle ability. On the other hand the armor tank allows for adequate tackle, but you become to slow to get the tackle on the target your going after.


I like the naga, or more I want to like it, it had allot of potential in its first stats to give Caldari a high DPS face melting ships, but now I’m not so sure. (At least its still sexy as hell) CCP kind of snorted a little crack giving it a split weapon bonus, it can have a full rack of 8 blasters, or 8 rails, or 8 torps, yet each only get 1 ship bonus, and that bonus is to range making it little reason to lvl up the BC skill for it. I flew the blaster Naga and the torp naga a bit on sisi, way more than any of the others because I tried to make it work. Nagas just get Powned by all the others except for blaster Talos's if you can kite them, because the Naga put out the lowest actually DPS, not that on paper DPS torps lie to you about. I did kill quite a few destroyers and frigates in a armor tanked Naga, but that just because they never expected it to be fit with 2 webs and 2 target painters. The rail Naga shoots much farther than the Talos, but dose less damage and has less tracking so fuck that.

The Naga can fit an ok tank and dish out ok dps, but you need someone else to tackle and target paint for you, like a Rapier, and at that point might as well just fly a stealth bomber.


Hay its winmatar! Yes, once again winmatar strike again, the tornado is a amazing ship, it’s like a shield tempest on crack, just without the newts. It can be shield fit with auto cannons for a great mid range brawler, be armor fit with autocannons and have enough mid slots for plenty of tackle and maybe even e-war. Its fast as hell, and the artilary fit hits like a alpha Maelstrom. I actually didn’t fly this particular ship on sisi a ton, most my friends did that for me. It out performs the Talos and the Naga by miles, and is extremely easy to fit unlike the Naga, and sometimes the Talos. It really has a little of everything much like most Mimatar ships.

The tornado is much like a poor mans Cynable, or a ninja tempest, i expect to see ALLOT of them this winter. just don’t expect it to beat any Tr2 BC with in 20k.


You would think the Tornado would be my top pick, but no, that goes to the Oricle, I flew this ship almost as much as the Naga, not because I was trying overly hard to squeeze good out of it, but because I raped so much face it got addictive. I warped into a battle area with a Tornado, a Talos, and a Rook, killed them ALL with ease and went in search or more prey. With its current DPS bonus, great tank, and more than enough fitting to put a 1600mn plate, MWD, and 8x mega pulse lazars, I was putting on a world of hurt at 50+k with scorch loaded, and the occasional time a Talos or Tornado came in trying to get under my guns, I switch to Conflag and wasted them in seconds.

Unlike the rest I wouldn't even consider putting long range guns on it, or being silly and shield tanking it, The pulse laser fit with a 50k ehp armor tank could probably kill a drake or a cain with ease.

Personally I really hope CCP buffs the Talos and the Naga before they are released or I doubt you will see much of them unless its seconds before they explode.
If you would like me to share some of the fits I tried, or found exceptionaly potent, just ask.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A little More on Incursion Ganking

So in what time I have had to play I have joined my bro and the Skunkworks in their merry making of killing incursioners, and without much time or effort I have wracked up quite a list of faction BS kills. The skunk works, as of right now, are up to 206 incursioners killed, which equals out to almost 120 bil in ships and assets killed, that’s 2 titans, or over $4000 in plexs

But mostly what I want to show you is a video taken while ransoming a incursioner in a Mcah. It is the most hilarious ransom I have ever seen or participated in. Enjoy


As always the skunkworks killboard can be found here

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Incursioner Massacre - A Post from my Bro

 For Sansha!

Ok so I have personaly been very busy and unable to play eve of late (which happened right after I declared my frigate challenge unfortunately) but my younger brother who also plays EvE, and stayed in Skunkworks, has been telling me some very funny storys about how Skunk Works has declaired war on incursioners.

Aparently one of the Skunk Works most nitorious players "Slimy Worm" got into griefing incursions and killed about 10 bil worth of ships, because of this the incersioners pooled some money together and got a very good Merc corp to war deck the Skunk Works. In response to this all of the SW dropped corp (made an alt corp called "Go Petition Blizzard") and proceeded to also grief incersioners. They have only been doing it for about 5 days and have already killed over 45bil worth of ships, collected about 6 bil worth of loot, and ransomed about 3 bils worth of isk. One of their better kills

I dont know about you but almost 10 bil in kills a night is pretty bad ass for a group of 3-10 peoples efforts a night. Right now the mile stone they are shooting for is 60bil (aproximatly a titans worth of isk) in 7 days. I'll report more on it in the future.

Hopefully I will have time for eve in the future and rejoin Black reble rifter club and continue my frigate chalenge