Monday, May 21, 2012

Frig Free For All

So I log on one night and hear that I should fit an assault frig and get the hell over to Heild, and join in on the festivities of the frig thunderdome. Interested I get an invite to the frig thunderdome channel and ask the rules. Which are fairly simple.
  1.  get in Heild
  2.  be in nothing but a T1 or T2 frig
  3.  kill all other frigs in system, even corp or alliance mates
  4.  if none frigs come into system and try to fight, all participants must stop fighting and kill them first.
  5.  profit??
Person with the most frig kills gets a prize
My CEO Maraner asks for a jag fit so I give him my dule shield extender brawl fit with good tank and moderate dps, while getting in my buffer / active tanked vengance. We head over together, and right before jumping into system we hear there is a Rupture and a Cain at the sun, and we should suspend all fights till they are dead. So Mar and I jump in and warp to the sun, helping take down the cain since the rupture was killed as we landed. As soon as the Cain dies people turn on themselves and start brawling it out again. I quickly helped kill a Caldari Navy Hookbill, then warping around in search of other prey, finding another brawl on P1, I jump on a rifter, squashing him easily. Then an Ishkur decides it wants a piece of me, and come barreling in, and while its dps is high its tank isn’t high enough and a wear him down and kill him. We then hear that the Cain and rupture are back in another cain and a tornado. So we all converge on them and kill them easily with a good 15-20 united frigs. The tornado was at range so I didn’t have time to whore on the mail before it died. We all went back to brawling at that point, and I kinda got ganged up on by a few people while trying to take down a punisher, and I died right before I would have killed him.  So I reship quickly into a Blaster harpy and warp back into the brawl.
At this point my Harpy acts like a wood chipper, killing any frig that comes into range, first a punisher, followed by a second, then a Vengeance, followed by a Fire Tail, then a Crusader, then a pair of rifters. Im having the time of my life even tho I know I could be ganged up on at any moment, the fast paced anyone could be your accidental ally or foe, frig combat was exhilarating. At this point we go out on a joint roam with everybody participating, and would do the second half of the brawl on our return. Sadly I had to go to bed at that point and only heard about the results and the winner. But take a look at this battle report to get an idea of the carnage.
Supposedly this is the second time the frig thunderdome has happened and I cant wait for the 3rd.

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