Monday, July 9, 2012

“Red till your purple”

Living as a pirate in Molden Heath for as long as I have, you tend to know all the normal faces in the area and know what they may be flying and or doing. Because you know who should be there, its easy to pick up on who’s not, and if your new guests are to big for you to handle its not out of bounds to ask some of your local enemy’s for help, because even though they love to kill you, most pirates like a new challenge more than killing the same people over and over. Of course just because a group in the area is in the same profession, it doesn’t mean they have the same professionalism. I know plenty of pirate groups that will lie like a dog to get an ibis kill, because it makes them feel like real men. I know better than some that lying is a HUGE part of EvE, but some times its just uncalled for, while exceptions may vary I think you all can think of at least one time it more than just your ship that the other guys lied or tricked you, not because you’re a soft baby, but because you thought better of them.
So I operate under the strict rule of “red till you’ve turned purple.” Which means, don’t trust anyone until they’re in fleet with you. While your far from safe even then, the majority of pirates I know wont even get in fleet with you unless their serious about flying along side you. I realize this isn’t how it is for everyone, but I find I is true the majority of the time for low sec community’s, and even if they don’t relies the rule exists they operate under it unconsciously.
I fly with Gunpoint Diplomacy in fleet all the time, but I know if I were sitting next to them out of fleet, they would shoot me without another thought.

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