Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Friendemys

So I have some new neighbors down here in MH, They are a rag tag alliance know as “Ignore this”. I have been getting some good fights with them of late, mostly killing them while they are roaming around in 1-2s, but the best part is that I have only engaged them in 1-2s, not a blob or even a gang. My good friend Una has been enjoying the hell out of his dram of late, its still a good interceptor style frig for getting tackle and living long enough for backup. So we have snagged one of their drakes, a rupture, and later with the help of a local Thrasher, I killed their vagabond and Munin. They have brought a few gangs back out to ill me for my trespasses, but after some chatting we kinda hit it off and agreed since they plan to be staying awhile and they like shooting people I like to shoot, that if they form a fleet and im not busy ill join them and bolster their numbers.
So last night they invite me on one of their nano gangs where they where planning on fighting gangs of superior numbers, I was a tad skeptical since I haven’t seen to many people try and pull off these tactics of late, but I wanted to have some fun. We headed out to Etherium Reach and headed down toward some of the station systems. On the way down we killed a Cain and a Drake, then we showed up at our first stop and none of the 10 local inhabitants wanted to undock on us, so we headed deeper to a station system that had 30 local inhabitants, we warped around their station till they eventually formed up a shield BC gang of 25 people and we commenced using nano gang tactics to a effective degree and having a blast doing at the slower enemy struggled to kill a fleet 1/5 their size. We brought quite a few of their BCs down into low armor, but due to their size we where unable to get close enough to get tackle on without risking our tackle ships. We did kill two Nagas and a Tranis. And only lost a stabber fleet issue and a kitsune. But our FC tried a few to many times to get in a good spot to kill more of them giving them time to refit just to kill us, which they finally did when they refit all their drakes so they would go 2000+ ms, being able to keep up with us and eventually killing almost our entire fleet. Even so it was a blast and ill defiantly go out with them again. I also got a mail from one of the enemy saying they recognized my name from the Star-Siege Computer game, and that he also had a blast. And that’s what its all about.
This really was dyeing in style

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