Monday, April 30, 2012

Our POSs brings all the boys to the yard! Part-2

In our next installment of my night of grand fun:
Shortly after our fight with the Anit-pirates, a good third of the fleet disbanded, went home, and logged; the rest of us hadn't yet even thought about what to do next when the corp directors got some mails about our POS in 0.0 being attacked, so we quickly sent a scout down there to assess the situation, while we all reshipped from BSs down to a shield BC gang with some scimi support so we could move quickly. I volunteered to fly a scimi because I recently got logi 5 and have been wanting to do my part and letting some of our normal logi pilots fly a dps ship for once. We get formed up about the time our scout got to the system and report 6 Tr3 BCs camping the in gate which is heavily bubbled, and 4 dreads sieging our tower. Knowing that as long as they didn’t bring in too much more support we could easily take them we headed down in a hurry. The dreads had incaped a few of the POSs modules but they had left one warp disrupter, which our scout took control of and kept a point and webs on the Revilation. The people attacking our tower had a scout 3 jumps out from the system and when we blew trough tree of the four dread warped off, leaving the rev slow-boating trying to get out of scram range. We finaly jump in system and have a quick fight on gate while trapped in the bubbles, losing and killing a couple of ships before we burned out of the bubbles and warped to our POS, where we burned out to the Rev and tackled him. A cyno was up in system and a few of our fleet warped to it to kill it but found out the enemy had a POS up in system and the cyno was a falcon on the edge of their POS, they killed the cyno falcon but we lost another ship in the process. 
We started hammering hard on the Rev and got it down to about 30% armor when they warped in a triage Nidhoggur and Chimera whom start reping him up, so we switch over to the Chimera, slowly killing him but they kept warping in 2-3 subcap ships at a time to distract us. Since we were worried about a cyno bringing in support made sure to make them primary right away, it was particularly funny when a pair of lokis warped in and died in short order, one was a proper armor fit, and the other was a lulzy shield split weapon fit. After pounding on it for a while the Chimera’s tank finally breaks and explodes, we then switch over to the Nidhoggur. The Nid was tanking us far better than the Chimera, and it took even longer to get it into low armor when we notice that the Rev had started its self-destruct; at that time it was at full health so we ignored it and keep hitting the Nid. Finally it comes out of siege and activates Self-destruct as well, but not being in siege we where able to easily take it down in seconds, we switch over to the Rev just to shoot it out of spite, before we see it explode and turn into space dust. After looting the field we pack up, shoot gf into local and bounce. A bit after we got back to Heg I logged for the night. For one of my first times being logi in our fleets I think I did fairly well, and my little pea shooter whored on a lot of mails, though not all of them.

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