Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Anti Pirate Shake and Bake

One of my favorite styles of pvp is black opsing, I do admit its a semi risk free pvp and could easily be considered a light version of blobing, depending on the size of the Blops fleet. One of the funnest parts of Blopsing is the fact that you can hot drop people with a small gang without using capital ships or jumping 50 cains one some one trough a titan. Just the surprise you know is on your targets face when 5 Stealth bombers and 5 recons jump on top of them is priceless. I don't partake in this delicacy often, mostly because of corp participation and the need to have a willing black Ops BS pilot online, but I would if I could.

Now onto how to go about killing pirates and making their day less than pleasant.

Step 1: Get a out of corp alt in a bait ship with tackle, acheep mining ship or a bait cruiser like a thorax works well, to sit in a bet and look afk or stupid.
Step 2: Get a Rapier or arazu pilot who can use covert ops cynos to cloak aproximatly 10-15k above or bellow the bait ship. (Arazus are most popular, but i actually like the Rapier better, because the webs cripple nano pirates maneuverability, while the arazu holds them down with long point but they can still nano around)
Step 3: get Black ops BS and blops fleet within jump distance of target system, and try to have them stay off grid from any celestrials.
Step 4: wait for Pirates to come by see your easy kill on scan and come in to kill you and go GCC, get the bait ship to tackle them (they will liekly die but they need to hold the target down till the recon can tackle and light cyno)
Step 5: jump in and kill the GGCed Pirate and all his little buddy's (or if you have a falcon, jam and gtfo if they have a large back up fleet warping in)
Step 6: check to see if your pirate victim was part of a big alliance that may come back with big fleet for revenge, if so move to another low sec system near by or switch bait alts. Get all Stealth Bombers and recons back to the Black ops BS, and set up for the next round.

This tactic is very successful and results in no sec status loss for anyone in the black ops gang (if your worried about that) and if you keep cycling bait alts you can get allot of kills in one low sec region with ease, and many lulz.


  1. "...could easily be considered a light version of blobing..."

    bahahahaha you won over my heart here.

  2. Just for reference, my favorite form of anti-piracy is running around in a cheap t1 cruiser/bc hull, jumping into system containing a pirate gang, warping in at range/nanoing away and seeing how many expensive hulls I can pop before I blow up.

    What you described above sounds boring to both parties.

  3. Well same could be said for a gate camp. But yes, havign BEEN a pirate and knowing you are a awsome hard core pirate I respect, pirate on pirate (stringing out their fleet) action is great fun.

    Just trying to write abotu stuff that I know soemthign about that all the other blogs havent covered a billion times.

  4. Well, my experience with this is TEXN doing exactly as you suggested in bosena, as well as a few corpmates attempting BLOP stuff and listening in on comms. Never intrigued me; different strokes for different folks.

    I guess what I'm getting at is to the full small gang pirate, anti-pies are always trying these sort of cheesy shenanigans, though on the flip side I know most pirates do similar with ganglinks, ewar etc.