Monday, March 19, 2012

So scary people eject at the sight

So we went on a long long St Pattys day roam, down trough Great Wildlands, Curse, Providence, Catch, back trough Curse, and Great Wildlands to home. We where in a 20 man shield fleet, with mainly BCs, Scimis, and a few extras like my hugin. For the most part we didn’t see shit, but I’ll point out the two highlights for you.
  • #1 we had a Cynable land on the gate our fleet was on and jump trough and we had half the fleet jump trough with him, he tried to burn off but thanks to my two 40k webs he got about 30k off gate and died. I am seriously starting to love my long range webbing ships, In today’s eve combat, you are usually either on the inning side or the losing side, and the only way to keep the losing side from running the fuck away is to have some long range tackle in your gang, Arazus, and Raipers do this very well.
  • #2 We went to the HED-GP which is usually a very good system to find camps or gangs, but oddly even though there was a 15 man gang in high sec next door on the HED gate and a good 8 ships bouncing around in HED none wanted to fight. Just as we where about to leave two tempests jump from HED into our gang, one died quickly the other made it back to gate and jumped back into HED, where we still got tacklers trough and caught him on the other side, and to our surprise he ejects and warps his pod away, leaving us a fully T2 tempest. We debated for a bit if we should take it or kill it, and finally decided we where to far from home to keep it, so we went for the kill mail instead. No idea why he ejected, maybe he was scared he would get bubbled and lose a possibly expensive pod, or maybe he though we would take it and that would result in no loss mail, either way it was funny.
I know as one of my readers said that most 0.0 pvps hang around the regions where the big action is, I still miss when 60man kitchen sink defense fleets would come to chase you out, eve CVA just ignored our gang as it passed trough provi, and they love defense fleets. Oh well we will keep looking for fights where they may be.


  1. my experience with CVA is that if they don't already have a roam out, it'll take about an hour for them to form up in defense.

    AAA is north in SAH- right now, or down in 77S-, pretty much far away from Catch. There's been alot of neut gangs rolling around in there. Be careful about warping to the SV5- gate from the keberz gate, station, or nearest celestial: the SV5- is typically bubbled to hell and back.

    FAIL is pretty much based out of H-ADOC in curse, but since we've evacced from Querious and the 0SHT- system is usually cammped on one of the three gates, we don't go into Catch too much except to go pester CVA. As mentioned before, AAA is up north curb stomping xxDeath.

    I think you're going to have more fun either roaming up north in that area, or roaming into Delve via Sahkt, or Querious from Efa (watch out for the perma gatecamp on the 3-F gate). There's not a ton else going on in my intel channels anywhere else.

    Curse is camped along the pipe from Litom to H-ADOC, like 3-4 camps usually. Might not be the best idea to come here from there, and apparently Sard is showing the camps in GW as well.

    1. lol we actualy passed trought OSHT- and killed a cain, and ruined their camp, but it really wasent even note worthy.

      I used to live in Provi and fight CVA so i was really hoping to kill some more of them, but C'est la vie