Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One of these things is not like the other

Slacking a bit on my reports but ill toss a few together to catch up.

My first report comes with a interesting kill, and a hard lesson everyone in eve needs to learn. I know most people know that T2 ships have better resists, but not everyone knows that these resists are not just better on top of old resists, but they are better depending on the race of T2 ship.

The following fight shows why ignorance of this can easily turn a win into a loss. I was in a small gang of friends flying my broadsword because we where thinking of doing alittle 0.0 camping, our scout was in the next system and the rest of the fleet was on the other side of the 100au system we where in from me, when a Navy Omen lands on me and aggresses.  My first thought was “is he trying to bait me into aggressing” my second thought was “I have 4 BCs in system with me, hell ill go for it” and I pointed and shot back. I called my friends to warp to me to either save me from a trap or whore on a mail, because the N-Omen was doing fuck all damage to me, and I think he was starting to relies it too because he started to burn away from me quick, so I over heat my MWD and keep pounding him with barrage. We had burned about 70k off gate when my friends land on the gate and got to see me pop the N-omen solo. (Well not completely solo, he took GCC and the gate guns fucked him up hardcore)
So the next day I convoed the guy and asked him why he practically suicided himself on me, he reply’s that he thought I was a rupture and even tho I was T2, thought I would be weak to lasers. Unfortunately for him he was wrong on both accounts, not only is the Broadsword got a good 60+ k ehp over the rupture, but its main resists are against lasers.
Every race T2 ship resits are naturally higher vs their story based mortal enemy’s, Amarr vs Mimatar, and Caldari vs Galente. This switches some well known facts into a different boat, Its usually common knowledge that shield tankers are weak to em and therm, and armor tankers are weak to explosive and kinetic, but a T2 mimatar ship has over all supurb EM and thermal resits, in armor and shield, and T2 Amarr has great resists to explosive and kinetic even in armor.
So the lesson here is to know your ships and know their weaknesses, so you don’t attack a Sacrilege with hail loaded.

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