Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Delve in a heartbeat

So one night I stay up to go on one of my corps big late night roams. I love the corps late night roams because we can get a good 20 people in fleet, all with high skills and a well-formed fleet composition. This particular night I was told that there was a wormhole that lead to the middle of delve, 2 jumps away from our home system. While I’m not a huge fan of living in WHS, I love when they can transport you from normal space to normal space on the other side of eve, making roams in new territory easy and fun. So we formed up a 18 man shield fleet, with tackle, logis and a ton of dps, We jump trough the worm hole and find a Harb sitting on the other side, possibly just having found it and warped to it himself, we quickly dispatch of him, so quickly in fact that I didn’t even get on the kill lol. We then proceeded to roam around the area, not seeing a whole lot in the systems, and if there was anyone in local they where docked up. Finally our scout drake warps to a station and has a Onyx, Cain, and 2-3 other ships undock on him and aggress, he calls us in, pointing the Onyx, the others warp out before we land,ut we are easily able to kill the onyx before it can redock.
We roam further running across a nano gang of Cynables, Vagas, tornados, and Talos’s gate camping, but they obviously had scout in the surrounding areas because they warped out immediately, leaving us to shoot insults at each other as we passed trough the system. After a few more quiet systems we finally reach the last stop on our roam before we would head back, holding in the next system, our scout drake warps to the station and amazingly has a Bhaalgorn undock and aggress him. We all jump in and warp to the drake, grabbing the Bhaal and smacking him as hard as our guns would allow, likely as hard as he was smacking his redock button praying to get out in time. Half way trough killing it a Thany undocks, and attempts to rep the Bhaal bit it was to little to late and the Bhaal drops like its hot, leaving a nice little pile of loot and a Thany who quickly docked up in shame.
After the Bhaal kill we start heading back to the worm hole but run into a 38 man Test Alliance shield BC gang, having 20 more than us we decide to dock up vs trying to run. They camped our station for a long time linking unmentionable things in local and talking shit. Eventually they left and we resumed our trip back home, but to our luck they sent a few scouts to keep an eye on us, a Cain and a Saber jump into our bubble and we dispatch of them with extreme prejudice. after that we got back to the WH without a hitch and I logged for the night.
Even tho it ended up being an ok roam at the end, 0.0 just seams so much more empty and even less people willing to fight than low sec.


  1. The null-sec thunderdome moves around. Delve is a dead zone right now. Curse/Catch are hot zones that I know of right now.

    By and large though, in those areas not rife with action, yes, it's a vast empty wasteland of anti-social people.

    1. I just relised what 0.0 is missing from my old days roaming in it! Defence fleets, i reemmber about a year ago on back, if you poked your head into a 0.0 they would quickly form a rag tag gang of ratting BSs half fit for pvp and come try to chase you out. no one really dose that anymore.