Friday, April 13, 2012

You win some, you lose some...

Last night I took a little shield fleet down to Curse to poke around, and see if we could get a kill or two. I took the fleet trough Great Wildlands, and we really didn't see a soul around all the way trough GW and half way trough Curse, so we decided to head back. Just then a fleet member coming to meet up with us in an interceptor said there was a small fleet camping our rout back home. He reported a Prophecy, a Myrmidon, 2 drakes, a Naga, and a basilisk, out fleet consisted of 2x Cains, a Harbinger, my Brutix, a wolf, and our tackle cepter. While our numbers where almost even they had 1 BC up on us and a logi, and they where camping the only way back home so we would have to fight them some how. About the time I was considering how to get our fleet to break trough their camp, a couple more corp mates logged on and I asked them if they wanted to come down and help us and get a good fight, they did and I told them to grab 2 BCs and head down and they could jump into the fight from the opposite side. I also had a corp member offer to bring a Scimi but he was far out and I had some people in fleet that didn’t have much time left so I told him to make it if he could but we would start as soon as the other 2 BCs got down to us. After a bit our back up was in position, and I asked the back up ship in the drake to jump in and be bait, and the opposing fleet immediately engaged him so I had everyone else jump in and engage, calling all newts to be put on the Basi and the Naga primary. Unfortunately as soon as our bait drake jumped in two unknown to us cyclones had warped in increasing their fleet size by the same I had called down just to make our fleet even with theirs, regardless the fight was on. The enemy was smart, as soon as they relised their solo basi was unable to rep while being newted they switched from our bait drake to the Cains. The battle was close and hot, they lost a ship, then us, them, then us, but it was looking as if we might come out ahead till the people we had killed first had gone next door, reships and had come back, giving them 3 fresh BCs and our fate was sealed. I ordered anyone who could, to escape as I was going down in a ball of fire. Of our fleet our bait drake, and both frigates escaped miraculously, and all but one of our pods made it out. Bringing the fight total to 5 BCs lost on our side, and 4 BCs killed. We lost by one, and they held the field, which is a loss for us, but damn was hat a exhilarating fight and well worth it, good fights to all the True Reign guys even if you guys have dick personality’s. Link to battle report.

Now this morning we had a few scuffles with some of the locals, getting a Cain, Ruppy and Ranis down into structure, but being the only tackle myself and having been capped out by the Cain they all got away. Soon after this though my buddy Darks alt finds a small nano gang, consisting of 2 Oracles, a Cain, a Vaga, and a Ranis, sitting 200k off 9snk gate in Bvip. I tell him to get us a warp in, and tell the rest of our gang to reship into Ahac type ships with speed and tackle. When darks alt gets in position I send the two Fleet stabbers in first to get tackle, closely followed by Me in a armor tempest for heavy newts and Una in a Sac since he cant fly Fleet stabbers. Our Tackle lands on the Oracles and Cain and call out points, I call the tackled Oracle primary and we set to work, Una was wise enough to go for tackle on the Vaga since I hadn’t given him a tackle primary, and it dropped soon after the Oracle. Unfortunately Dark went down in the fight, resulting in losing tackle on the Cain, him and the rest of their gang warping away knowing they cant stay and fight.

My gangs haven’t got many fights in the last week so we where very thankful for these two great fights in 24hours, got our pvp blood pumping again.

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