Thursday, April 5, 2012

Smoke Them if You Got em

Been slacking a bit on the blog posts but hay, life is busy

So one of my favorite ships to fly being a high skilled multi purpose pilot is the typhoon, as I stated in my post praising the Domis multi purposes the Poon is a very very similar boat. Having a split weapon bonus can make fitting the Poon a bit interesting at times, usually making pilots choose one weapon system over another, but that’s not always a bad thing, since the Phoon is a great ship for caldari pilots to get into and fit torps on with their high missile skills. Honestly I prefer torps on the Phoon to autcannos, because if I wanted an autocannon boat I have quite a few better ones to choose from.  There are also some advantages to flying a phoon with torps, the Phoon being a natural armor tanker (it can pull off shield but im not fan of those) it can fit a scram web and a target painter, and if you can get all 3 on a target your torps will actually do some damage unlike a Raven. So now you have a 5 torp armor raven that has adequate tackle, doesn’t sound to impressive yet so lets look at your other 3 highs. This is where the Phoons 8 highs and split weapons come in handy vs being a hindrance, you can either fit 3 autocannos to add another 150+ dps, add in some heavy newts to add sometasty long range cap warfare, or toss some large RR up there to help out other BSs in your gang. So now you have about 500 torp DPS, and some useful utility highs, but wait there’s more, it comes with a large drone capable of launching 5 heavy drones and having a few extra flights of smalls aswell. With Ogre IIs you now do 800dps, have 3 utility highs, and a very robust armor tank, its a great deal, but wait you say, why don’t you fly it all the time then Beck? The answer is, its slow and very short ranged. You have to get that scram and web on what ever your trying to kill before you can even do any real damage with heavy drones and torps, and that’s hard to do in today’s nano BC world. But besides that I have had my same first Phoon for 2 years now and have yet to lose it, because I fly it smart and in situations that usually get me a warp in on the target.

To my delight in the past week I have dusted my Phoon off and got on 2 BS kill mails, both where armor BSs and perfect targets for the Phoon.

First was a Geddon and drake what where trying to bait our corp mates into GCCing on them, once i jumped in my Phoon and joined fleet my corp was more than willing. It was a tough fight, with me in half armor at the end, but we took the Geddon out.

Second was a Hyperion flown by a person I have fought a few times before, his corp is small but they are always a good fight so we got a few peopel together and wrestled him down and killed him, but not before he killed two of our aquantances cains, gf!

I'm going to try to fly the phoon more often, but BS are usualy not my first ship of choice.

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