Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fail Scout


     So last night a few corpies and me decided to put up a lazy camp in 9snk like we occasionally do, since it’s a 0.0 entrance rather close to our home system. 9snk is in Great Wildlands, which is a really useless and quiet 0.0 with a almost non existent population. Most the people that live there, live in E02 which has another entrance close to Rens trough Kabi, and that entrance is allot more likely to be camped. Because of our entrances low traffic level, I make a verbal comment in coms about how we likely wont catch anything besides some frigs, and if we are lucky a ratting BC. 

     Well I volunteer to bring my Heretic as our bubbler, because no one else had a dictor or Hictor, and while I have a broadsword I have been advised against using it till i have Hictor 5. WonderPets brings a Cynable and CW brings a tackling Hawk. I head into Bvip and go to a off grid pounce above 9snk, waiting for the rest of fleet to catch up, Pets jumping in and deciding to kill a rat on the low sec gate. We get a +1 in local and Pets says it wisent from low sec, so i hit my Dscan toward the 9snk gate and get a Manticore on scan, deciding to warp down to the gate in case he has some friends coming behind him. After waiting a moment i decide to jump on into 9snk and have a look see, as soon as grid loads i see a orca land on gate and jump into bvip! I immediately start yelling on coms for pets and anyone who can get here to get on the 9snk gate in bvip because an Orca just jumped in. Pets warps as I reproach the gate and jump back into Bvip, my grid loads on the other side just to hear pets claim he saw the orca cloak as he landed, so I bubble up and we start orbiting the gate at various ranges passing drones back and forth, eventually CW in his Hawk shows up and Doug in a drake. We orbit the gate trying to declaok the Orca for almost 10min starting to wonder why he didn't declaok yet, Orcas arnt small. We notice that the Manticore who jumped in shortly before the Orca is in the same corp and we wonder if he may have been able to web the orca into speed warping to a safe and Pets just thought it cloaked because it disappeared so soon, Pets insisted it hadn't so we keep looking when another 5 min later it finally declaoked 7 k off gate, WTF?! We get tackle and being an orca with a scram and 23 webs on him he couldn’t make it the last few k to the gate and we eat him alive. The Orca pilot was nice enough to offer us 200mil to let him go, be we politely declined. I bubbled up to catch the orcas pod about the time the Orcas Manticore friend decloaks to try and shoot us or maybe the wreak and he gets vollyed. A moment later while we are looting and slapping each other on the back, a legion lands 15k off gate on the edge of the bubble I put up for the Orca. He emidiately cloaks but i have a good bead on him and decloak him easy, everyone grabbing tackle, unfortunately he’s AB fit and its obvious he’s going to make the gate so a few of us start to de agress, but to our surprise the Legion points and shoots me, moments before getting to the gate, aggressing him. His first shot took me to half shields but after that I was able to get under his guns and he died in a fire. After shaking off our shock we go repair our ships and mods and resume our gate camp, easily killing a falcon and later a Myrmidon who put up one hell of a fight and almost killed Pets Cynable. We also had a zealot jump into our camp but he was also AB fit and got back to gate in structure and escaped.

     But seriously, that manticore scout did a piss pour job, I relies I wasn’t on the gate when he came in, but he should have saw me on scan, and maybe could have assumed I was on my way to the gate, telling his Orca buddy to wait up till I left or something. Also that Legion is one of the first PVE fit T3s that wasn’t covert ops fit nor interdiction nullified, I’m sure he will fit different next time. I also got quoted how we wouldn't get much trafic in 9snk and how i ended up being dead wrong all night.

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