Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rage Reloaded, Rage Quit?

    So about a week ago a Alliance called "Rage Reloaded" moved into our home system of Hegfunden, they where mostly EU time zone so we never really ran into them much accept the few of us that do some marketing and such in the morning. Well some of our leadership talked to them and told they while we enjoyed neighbors, we didn't put up with anyone making their home in our system. A couple days after that they erected a large POS in our system and we immediately made plans to take it down. We waited a few days so when we put it into reinforced it would come out on the weekend. While chasing them out of our space was one goal, we figured that when the POS came out of reinforced it would possibly give us a good fight as POS bashes have done in the past, on both the agressing and defending sides. So on Thursday night we dropped a handful of dread on the POS, along with a pair of carriers and a few BSs to help defend the dreads. the POS had hardeners and guns and some ecm but we where able to reinforce it in a relitively short time frame. Unfortunately one of their CEOs logged on and came to the POS, seeing our fleet and doing a bit pf POS gunning. Once the POS was reinforced the stront timer had it coming out in 1-D 16-H, so we set a CTA and went to bed.

    Well this morning a good many hours before the POS was to come ot of reinforced, one of our alliance mates when to go check on the tower ... and found nothing. confused he reported it in chat and a few of use double checked our bookmarks and the moons on the planet looking for the POS. After abotu 20min of looking we decided it was completely gone, we did alittle research and found out that Rage Reloaded alliance and the corps where all disbanded and no longer existed. So the only explanation we could come up with is that if there was no corp in control of the POS that the POS just simply disappeared out of existence at downtime with the corp. This kinda pissed us off aswell as confused us because we had never heard of this exploit before, nor did we know why someone would do it just to save themselves a POS loss mail. So it seams Rage Reloaded, rage Quit. Anyways our CEO sent in a petition and we shrugged our shoulders and went and broke up a bubble camp in BVIP, killing a pair of SFI first and second

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