Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Old Enemys In New Places


    Seams We are not the only ones in search or greener pvp pastures, Joatmo and I where roaming around a couple days ago and ran into a old acquaintance of mine Berzerk’ah, who is in Gallente warfair, we saw she was around in a daredevil which I knew would be a mighty tough fight for our two T1 frigs but we decided to go to a small plex and wait to see if she came after us. After a bit of waiting she showed up on short scan and then came in on us, we where quick to get the tackle and Ewar on but my single TD wasn’t enough for her rails and she slowly picked me apart then she had her way easily with Joats Incurses which has no range dictation ability at all, we had her in low structure when we died so it was a close good fight. We went back and reshipped into weaker dps frigs but ones that had much better range dictation and came back for round two. To our surprise we found DARKSTAR an old member of the Molden Heath club roaming around in a Rifter, and we soon found out he was roaming with Bazerk’ah, whom had reshiped to a Firetail. Once again we went to a small plex and waited for them, and it didn’t take long before they came in, I immediately called Bazerk’ah primary in her Firetail and as you will soon see from her fit, while she tanked us well she was MWD fit and had no way to get her guns into range to hit us well. After she went down we started in on DARK, his Rifter was even more tanky than Bazerk’ahs firetail but because he had a cap booster instead of a web he also had a hard time dictating range and even tho Joat was in structure he was able to pull away and we finished DARK off. We strongly suspect they where receiving loki and maybe even legion links during that fight, but due to their inability to dictate range and our expert piloting we where able to take the win against superior linked ships. We had some laughs and gfs in local; Joat and I had gotten our revenge so we went home happily.

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