Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A good fight on D-Sacn Sir!

So yesterday my good friend Lijja Cuu, and I where hanging out on a well-traveled gate, in a Sebo'd SFI and a cyclone. Yes we where kinda gate camping but we weren’t out for ganks, it was just the two of us with no logi, or back up hoping to catch a few BCs passing trough and have a good fight with them. By not bringing a ton of scary DPS as well as us usually taking gate guns, even a solo BC could stand a chance of fighting back and at least killing me in my 70mil SFI lol. We got a few traveling BC kills to start out with, A faction fit Brutix, a Drake, and a Cain, All of whom could have fought back but didn't, they just died flailing around, even though all three where decently pvp fit and could have crushed one of us with the combination of gate fire on their side.

After a bit A three man BC gang consisting of a Drake, Prophecy, and a Cyclone landed on our gate right beside us, we decided to high tail it off gate because we didn’t have enough fire power to survive three BCs, and fighting them on gate while taking gate guns would further put a fight in their favor. So I quickly reshipped into a Cyclone to match Lijja's and we went back to the gate, but they weren’t there, we still had them on Dscan and quickly narrowed them down to a Customs office. Perfect! We could fight them away from the gate guns and would cut down on any passer bys butting in. We warp to the customs office at 0, loading inferno rage and deciding to try for the drake first. We land in the middle of their gang in eyebrow waggling distance, and begin to pound on each other. We primary the drake as planned but we relies alittle disheartened, even tho he had HAMs fit he was supper tanked and we ever so slowly chewed trough him as they chewed trough Lijja. He eventually went down and we quickly switched to the Cyclone, hopping our combined DPS could break his tank, but not only was his tank suburb, but Lijjas tank just gave out and he went down, leaving me to take on the two BCs by myself while he went to reship. I over heat my invul and watch in some interest as they ever so slowly nibble my shield buffer down, beginning to wonder if their HAM drake was the majority of their DPS. I keep focusing on the cyclone, hoping he was single XL-ASB fit and I can break him, but so far having no luck what so ever, I begin to bleed armor and activate my XL-ASB in single cycles, trying to hold out as long as I can for lijja to return. Lijja finally dose return, landing 20km off in his Talos, and he makes short work of whats left of the cyclones tank, and we together over power the Prophecy, with me in low armor, having used my last ASB charge as the prophecy went down. Over all it was an extremely close fight, with our side almost losing two Cyclones. If Lijja didn’t have another ship near by I likely would have lost my ship and they would have got two of theirs out, while not 100% fair, we did start the fight 1 BC down from them so him gettign another just evened it out haha.

They came back about an hour later in a Tornado, Incurses, and a Blackbird. We made short work of them this time, primariyng their black bird, which landed, first, then burnt out to their Nado and killed it too, the Incurses escaping.

Over all it was a mighty fine evening for small gang pvp.

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