Sunday, February 27, 2011

Defanging A Wolf

Yesterday was another uneventful day with few kills to say the least but there was alittle excitement in it thankfully. Nathan and I where bubble camping a system near where we usually camp, it was rather quiet. Finally after what seamed forever we had a bump in local, we waited and waited but he never came over to our side of the system (now that I look back on it he was probably ratting over there) then suddenly we had a flash on our gate and a Tangu jumped in. Well the Tengu didn’t immediately warp off and Nathan knowing they can shoot quite far decides to warp to a planet to deny him a easy target. The Tangu warps off just ass a wolf comes on scan, the wolf actually lands on the bubble and turns around and warps off just as Nathan gets back to the bubble, both of us thinking we lost out on a good kill. the Wolf bounces off a planet and warps to the gate next to our bubble, seeing Nathan alone on it he starts burning over to him fast, I warn Nathan to be careful because Wolfs are much stronger than him and that I would assist him asap as soon as he called point. Well Nathans Thrasher and the guys wolf clashed next to the bubble and I quickly declocked, mean while Nathan is taking a beating and wont last much longer, finaly I get my jamms on the wolf and perma jam him out with Nathan in low armor, even still it took Nathan quiet a bit of time to chew trough the active tanked wolf. Was a good kill and the Wolf even had alittle faction loot on him. Wolf Kill

Nathan and I did almost kill a Hurricane later on, but a cloaky rapier, which had been stalking around ssytem forever decided to help the cain and was successful in driving Nathan off the field. The rest of the day was rather uneventful, I did go On a roam with my alliance but I volunteered to be the +1 scout and ened up missing all 3 of the evenings kills from cross jumping ships. Ah well can’t get them all, Scouts much like being the logi pilot, necessary, but little glory.

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