Thursday, February 24, 2011

The lonely mans bubble camp

Ok here is a little tutorial on how I do a solo bubble camp. First there are a few things you have to have.

  • A empty 0.0 system that has alittle traffic but not a ton, and not owned by a huge alliance that will kick you out because you are 3 jumps from their home system. Preferably with only 1 out and in gate.
  • A mobile warp disrupter bubble, small is fine and easier to move around
  • a semi fast locking ship (usually one sensor booster can get you good enough lock) with a scram and web. This is usually a armor tanked ship anywhere from a Vexor, to a Myrmidon or Hurricane, only difference in ship size you fly is how big of prey you can go after. a example fitting
  • Time and lots of it, people are smart, they may bounce past your bubble oor might just not come trough your ssytem at all.
  • a few safe spots in system, and a pounce spot above gate.

 ok so first thing you do when you get in system is to get to 0 on the gate you think most traffic will come from, then warp to the opposite gate at 70km. once landed set out your bubble, don’t just anchor it right off the bat, keep picking it back up and placing it down till its roughly in front of or behind your ship, the bubble will randomly be placed anywhere so this can be annoying. Once the bubble is in a good spot anchor it. (this is called a STOP bubble as they stop short of there destination gate 65-75km short on your bubble, there are pull bubbles but they are a tad more time consuming to set up with much the same effect) One the bubble is fully anchored and up, warp to the other gate once again and then do a 360 and warp back to the gate you bubble is on to test if the bubble stops you properly. Before moving once you land you can jettison a can, which can help uncloak cloaky, ships that land on your bubble, this used to be a EVE exploit so if you don’t like doing it you don’t have to. Next warp up to your pounce spot 200km above the bubble and open your scanner, making sure your looking down at the gate so you can tell if new entry’s came from your gate or the one you wanted them to come from.

If you get a local bump up, first make sure they did not come from the gate you bubble is on, you cant catch them very easy if they do, next make sure to check which corp or alliance they are with, you may know people in the area who often bait with ships. Next make sure to be hitting the scan button to try to see him on your scanner so you can see what ship hes in. if your confident hes alone and hes in a ship you think you can take on immediately warp to the can you placed (or just the bubble if you didn’t place one) make sure your sensor booster is on and wait for him to land in the bubble with you. Once he dose lock them and kill them, make sure to watch local incase he brings back up. if he lands at the gate and not the bubble he most likely anticipated a bubble and bounced off a celestial, just turn and get back up to your pounce right away.

One of the main reasons for the pounce and not sitting at zero on the bubble is people coming from the gate your on, if a gang with a interceptor comes in they could be on you before you warp off, at the pounce you will be at a safe distance with plenty of time to get to a safe.

On a side note there are some systems with gates that are less than an AU apart, usually the gate across system can catch incoming people from both those gates with 1 bubble, this can be rather fun and useful.

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