Monday, February 28, 2011

Not so stylish death

Well I named this blog "dying in style" but that’s allot harder than is sounds in EVE unless you take down another ship or ships of equal or greater value to your own when you die.

So yesterday started out with a less than stylish death on my part. While roaming an area I have barely ever visited with Nathan, we ran into a Vaga gang so we quickly backtracked and went another way to avoid them. Well a few jumps away from them I landed on a gate and decided to go check out another system instead, so I clicked warp and my ship starts slowly aligning when a Vaga jump in trough my gate, declaoks and points me. By this time I had drifted like 4-5k from the gate so I try to turn back around to get to the gate when the vaga gets a good bump on me and sends me about 10k from the gate. At this point i try to jam the vaga but I couldn’t get a jam on him for the life of me. That’s when two fast tackle friends of his jump in and get webs on me, I still tried to jam them all out but could never get all three when the rest of their gang came in and ganked me. Was my fault but dang, if I landed on gate 5 seconds sooner or later I would have got out fine.

I went and got a new Falcon and we went and started to bubble camp one of our normal systems, but luck was not on our side, I could elaborate in detail but sufficient to say we had a Manticor, Caracal, and a Cain escape out bubble after landing in it. Then close to when we where going to turn in a Rapier landed in the bubble and killed Nathan.

After that I went out on a BC roam with some of my corp mates and we had some ok kills. We Killed a Dragoons Brutix (his friends ran like cowards even though they outnumbered us) a drake in 0.0, then another pirate towards the end of our roam. On both the Cain kill and the drake kill, out bait tackle where both in structure when the enemy was killed, talk about hero tackles.

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