Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ask And you Shale Recive

Battle #1
So I was roaming around Molden Heath in my shit fit solo tempest, when I see a call to arms broadcasted in the pirate intel channel. It seams DeePee had laid eyes on a Choke Point nano gang coming up the pipe and he was trying to get a fleet together to trounce them asap. Well I was right next door so I “x” up and head over in the ship I have and wait on the gate they where headed for. I was quickly joined by a few more of Gunpoint and others, and I volunteered to jump in and be bait. Well I jump in to see their gang sitting at zero on the gate I just came trough. I start to burn back to gate, and they start aligning off, I report this and I was told to grab something, So I point a Tornado, so they all burn back to gate and jump trough into my friends waiting arms and the fight began. After waiting off my agro counter I jump in as well and join the battle, missing out on the first Cynabal kill, but soon getting on the next. This was quickly followed by a Diemost, a Drake, the tornado, and finally a Myrmidon. All our side lost was a Brutix, and an unfortunate Cynabal who got held down long enough for gate guns to kill him.
Battle #2
This may be the second battle, but its more of a battle that leads up to battle #3. There was a drake sitting on a gate in low sec I passed trough, looking all aggressive and baity, but  was in a good mood from the last fight so I ask one of my friends in “Gunpoint” to back me up if things went sour. Hes says yes and I aggress the Drake in my solo armor tempest (which biggest resist hole is sadly kinetic) and take gate guns and now his return scram, web, and HAM fire... oh dear. I'm holding up badly and I call for my friends back up and he warps in, in his Geddon and we take him down seconds before his alt in a falcon shows up. I immediately warp out in structure, but My friend stays for a moment to loot the field I think just as another unrelated drake jumps in. It proceeds to shoot him forcing him to jump trough the gate into the arms of another nano shield gang where he is quickly pointed and unfortunatly killed.
Battle #3
So after getting killed my friend rouses up the “Gunpoint” guys and wants revenge, so we all go out quickly in a kitchen sink fleet and find them right where we left them, but about 50km off gate in 3 Drakes and a Cain. Regardless we engage, and start burning for them, they spread out and we tackle what we can, killing two of their Drakes, while the other Drake and Cain getting out in a hurry. So we warp back to our station to rep up and enjoy the revenge we had, when we see a lone drake on the undock AFK, so we bump him off station and gank him in seconds which made us laugh all the harder.
Battle #4
After licking our wounds and waiting of our GCC, I say casually in coms that it would be nice if another gang would come wandering along for us to also kick in the teeth today. Low and behold 5 min later a report of a “Take it deep” fleet of 2 Domis and a Typhoon where headed our way, so we all jump out in mostly DPS ships and warp to intercept them, which we manage in the next system, tackling them, and luckily they decide to stay and fight. We quickly take down their active tank drone boats, starting with the both the Domis and finishing off with the Phoon. They then cried in local that we blobed them, and while I admit we had a superior force, 6 on 3 isn’t really a blob. Regardless it was a great end to one of the best small gang pvp days I have had in a long while.

Side Note:
In other news, one of my favorite eve blogs “Flight of dragons” ended recently, the writer is having RL issues and has left eve for the foreseeable future. I offer up a exotic dancer and a beer to his memory of badass blogging and piracy.
 I know very well I'm hardly a good writer, i just tell things roughly as I see it, but I would defiantly not mind if anyone wants to tell me ways i could improve my blog. such as maybe going in more detail on how I'm maneuvering around the fight, or a after thought on how it could have gone better for me or my opponents.


  1. Actually you just answered yoursef... The way I do each post is:
    Write it up as fast as I can without 'thinkin' about it too much... then go back and spend an hour or two fixin spellin and grammer...

    THEN... I take a break, log on an alt and Fly some RvB, whatever... then preview the post and try to read it as if it was not 'mine'... then I critque it. What did I like? not like? want to hear maor about? etc., etc.

    Edit, salt and pepper to taste, and Publish.

    After I'm done, set in stone, [Invulnerable]. I come back to em only if commented on and then I usually try not to reference the post, but answer from the gut... messier but honestier I hope.

    Will miss "FoD" too... raises glass.

    1. lol true true, tho not just improvements, but things you would like to see more of from me, like fitting overviews and such