Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cant cure stupid, or my addiction to eve

So late last night I see a call for help to take down a Freighter afk 15km off a gate that would lead to high sec, traveling 0ms. I jump in my Tornado, knowing I would bring a good amount of freighter busting DPS, while begin fast enough to get away of shit hit the fan, and it was a trap. Most people where extremely sceptical that it was a trap but a few of us went out regardless and fought said freighter, off gate not moving. So with cautious glee we proceed to dismantle it, watching local for the trap to spring. it got into 30% structure and not a peep from local so I over heat and watch as a giant piggy bank break open in front of me. Sadly it wasn't the richest piggy bank, but I did snag a pair of night stalker goggles before having to warp off before the gate guns got a chance to pop me.

Unfortunately while the Pirate intel channel if for joint pirate ops consisting of people that normally would be killing eachother, accidents do accrue. Darkstar pointed me right after the freighter went down thinking i was not apart of the joint op, so i had to unfortunately kill him to save my own ship. because of this miss understanding and because Darkstar was the one to find the frighter he got the majority of the loot as compensation, and I also sent him some isk. Sorry bro, but I didn't want to lose my ship either.

In other news I started a corp for me and a few of my friends to fly in while in low sec since I was tired of being in an NPC corp. Its called "Plausible Deniability." 


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    1. lol while I would love to join you, it would liekly require me moving out of Molden heath which im not really wanting to do for awhile.