Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Escalator of Death

(An escalator of death is the term I use in EvE for when you are fighting a larger group of opponents but they are warping into the battle sporadically. So you only really have to fight 1-2 at a time, and all their dps cant come to bear. Where if they where all on the field at once they would make short work of you.)
I found out that my good friend Dark Threat had returned to EvE awhile ago, and since neither of us had each other in contacts, neither of us knew the other was on to say hi. (I blame Dark, he left my old friend chat channel.) I saw him chatting in high sec local a few days ago and convoed him, and we got caught up one what each of us had been up to. I then invited him down to low sec to pirate with me and we have had a bit of success in the last few days.
The first roam we went out together, we both went out in stabber fleet issues, one of my favorite ships to pvp in. To start our roam I decided to check the static frig plex in Heild where many solo or small gang pirates in the area like to fight. After flying around the system a bit, we determined that ‘Black rebel rifter club’ was warping in and out of the plex with some rifters, so we warp to it in our fleet stabbers to find nothing. We figured they had warped out at seeing us on scan, so we decide to sit there for a moment and see if they came back. After a minuet or so, a rifter warps in on us and I zap it in a second, it was closely followed by a shield rupture warping in at 0, where it found our armor ships with scrams and webs far outmatching it. When I went back out a hour or so later to try it again solo, my own friends in ‘Gun Point’ where there, this time with a bit more than I could handle, but at least I took one down with me. (My friends in Gun Point are as likely to shoot me as anyone else when I’m not on a roam with them)
Yesterday Dark and I tried the same thing again, in a cain and a wolf this time since I had yet to replace my Fleet stabber. I warped to a celestial near the frig plex and told Dark to warp to me then the plex, but he instead warps straight to the plex and calls out that there are a few targets there, so I warp immediately in to save him. This is where the Escalator of death starts. Initially in the frig plex was 2 rifters at 0, and a stiletto far at range, who all where apart of ‘Rifta’ but about the same time I landed a ‘Rifta’ thrasher landed with me, and I called Dark to switch primary over from the rifter he was killing to help me get rid of the thrasher. Not exactly sure what happened at this second, because I slew the thrasher solo and the rifter dark was killing warped away, he must have dropped point before even locking up the thrasher, oh well. At this time the stiletto had closed range on me to about 2k, and a fire tail had landed with us, so I switch primary over to the fire tail and he goes down fairly easily, quickly followed by the stiletto. During this time another thrasher and a Jag had landed, and started raping dark, I switch my dps over to the thrasher as fast as I could but Dark went down. I aline out knowing that by myself I would have trouble with the remaining rifter and jag if they could hold me down long enough for ‘Rifta’ to warp something big in on me, so I poke the rifter to death and seeing that im doing little damage to the jag I over heat my newts, newt him out and warp to safety. It was an extremely exhilarating fight, and even tho dark died we still came out on top.
Later on one of my gun point friends challenged Dark and I to a cruiser 2v2, dark had just bought an armor Rupture, and I had a shield one in station so we agree and we all warp to top belt from different locations, Dark warps to 0 and I warp at 20km, shortly after both our opponents warp at zero in a Thorax and a Rupture at 0. I call the thorax primary and we commence to thump him, but dark is also getting hit hard, and they surprisingly go down at the same time, so the battle then switches to a 1v1 of two nano shield ruppys with full health, I had barrage loaded the entire fight and I find out later that he started with Phased plasma. He started out doing more damage to me, but my speed and range started causing his damage to falter, so he switches to barrage as well, but at this point I had pulled way ahead. I was in about 10% shields when he started to drop into structure, but at this point I was almost capped out from nanoing around and he over heats his MWD and gets out of point range and warps away, was a close fight and Gfs where put in local by all.
 Dark Threat > lol at the rat in the km
 Dark Threat > he was km whoring

 Now for a short recap of what I was doing before this, I have been quite busy with my job and the holidays so I was mostly greifing in high sec with the skunkworks. Killed a few incursion mom sites to get the incursion bears up in arms, then started up our old incursion bear ganks killing another good 40bil in a week, tho it got boring fast so we will save if again for a later time. But now im out in low sec again for awhile and that has got my blood pumping enough to actually start writing my shitty blog again, Woot!


  1. welcome back, and I'm glad you started out with a few bangs!

    1. Thanks man, it feels really good to pirate with my old friends again, missed it allot. best nail bitting fights I ever get are here.