Monday, July 9, 2012

(Farming FW) Space old Macdonald must be rich

So being a space pirate, I make a continues effort not to get involved in any of the big politics and happenings in eve, and try not to jump on bandwagons, unless of course its something I helped develop. (like the incursion massacre of winter 2011-2012) but soon after Inferno I heard that there was something “majorly” wrong with the new faction warfair system. At first I heard that people where flooding FW because it was fun again, but I soon found out, while it was way more popular and there was allot more pvp to be had. It wasn’t because of “fun” new mechanics, its because the capture sites where a joke and could be done in a 3 week old alt in a frig, even the large sites. While this was still mostly forums talk and most people I knew had heard nothing about it, I decided to make an alt and join FW for the hell of it. I figured I would put these rumors to the test and if they where true make me a pretty penny while at it(being a low sec pirate doesn’t net me much of an income) and if they proved false, I could try some of the pvp.
I’m happy to inform you all that the rumors are true. I was able to make 800,000 lp in 3 days time and cash it in at T4 victory level control LP store prices, earning me about 1-bil after selling all the goods, and that doesn’t include the 100 navy Hookbills I sold for 5 mil a pop to friends, and the items I kept for my own personal use. In a week I am easily able to earn a few million LP and still get on my main for some pvp.
Lets make one thing clear, I am 100% behind the fact that CCP needs to fix this problem. And will not lose any sleep when they do and I sell my alt. But until then I think ill save for a few capital ships with this easy income.
Now on to how it’s done!
  • First get any frig, almost any at all, T1, T2, faction, doesn’t matter. It needs to have an after burner, a cap stable rep, and alittle buffer and/or resists against the rats. I also like having a few nanos on mine for avoiding pirates and camps.
  • Second, go into an enemy controlled system and hit your system scanner, a list of sites will appear after it’s done. These are separated into 4 types, Minors, Mids, Majors, and Major unlimited. Minors are usually worth 10k LP, Mids 15k lp, Majors 25k lp, and Major unlimited 30k lp. The amount of LP can be higher based off your militas victory level, and if the site is a more advanced of that size. The smallest are called outposts, the largest of each size are called strongholds, and there are 3-4 sizes between the two.
  • Third, warp to a site and you will land on an acceleration gate that will take you into the site, except major unlimited sites don’t have an acell gate. Go trough the gate and then burn to the capture point. Orbit Minors at about 7k, mids at 15k, and majors at 25k to capture them. Your rep and sig tanking will allow you to tank the site usually with no problem. Tho in the minor sites they hit you decently so you may have to pull range once or twice to top your tank off. It’s that simple, just rinse and repeat.
  • Lastly anyone can warp to the sites, even pirates, and especially enemy malita pilots. Thanks to CCP its almost impossible to get caught in a site tho, just have your Dscan range set to very close and watch it closely, usually anything that comes on scan is after you, but that doesn’t mean you have to run yet, because when you or they come trough the acell gate, they land about 70k from the capture point, which means you usually have more than enough time to warp out before they get to you. I don’t recommend pvping with an entire sites agro, and a pve fit, but some people do. I prefer to just go to the next system, do a site and by the time you come back the enemy is almost always gone.
So now that you know how easy it is, it’s up to you if you make an alt of your own, or use this info to rage on the forums and help change it. I suggest both, but that’s just me.

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