Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Notice: The player you are trying to invite to fleet is trying to kill you"

So yesterday, I was out roaming with some corp mates when we hear that there is a small BC gang of about 3-4 people passing trough low sec. We call out that we would head that way, and our corp mate whom found them decided to fight them in his thorax, hurting one of them good from what he said but dying in a sexy ball of fire. So we meet up with a few more corp mates and sent a proby into the last system they where reported safed up with GCC, to see if they can find the gang. He yells out that he had scanned out a drake in a mission so we decide to go in and try to kill him. I was in my trusty SFI, Cur was in a Nado, and Wolfman was in a Loki and his proby tengu alt, Wolf heads on in and I land shortly after going in trough the acell gate aswell. Cur lands a bit later and yells that a cain had landed next to him nad pointed him before he could get trough the acell gate, so I head back to the mission entrance to try and save him, landing in time to scram the cain but not in time to save Cur. At this point Wolfman had engaged the rest of the cains fleet that had gone on into the mission, so I go back in to help him out. I help him finish off a Harb, chase down a thorax, kill a kitsune, and a drake, Wolfmans loki being in 60% armor. While this sounds like a fairly nice victory on our part, only losing a Nado, unfortunately the pirate gang we had killed where acquaintances of mine. Not of my corps, just friends I hang with occasionally in my alliances quiet time. There where no hard feelings fortunately and gfs where said to be had by all them. I was actually told they tried to invite me to their fleet when I landed on grid, then where confused when I stated shooting them lol.
I really love my stabber Fleet Issue, ill have to do an article highlight for it later.
Today I fleeted up with one of “high rollers” the pirate friends I killed last night (good to know there was defiantly no hard feelings) and we went out on a long roam. Low sec was dead as hell, but as I was waiting on a gate I had a “Take it Deep" gang land on me and force me through the gate, where on the other side their Lachesis tackled me with a faction scram and web, I made a few runs for the gate but I was mostly dead in the water. Luckily I was in a XL-ASB cyclone and was comfortably tanking them till I decided I wasn’t going to get away, and laid into the Lach, which was already under a bit of pressure from the gate guns, Killing him moments before I died myself. It ends up his faction fit Lach was 3-4x as expensive as my Cyclone, so I came out happy about the whole thing. I fitted up another cyclone and went and helped my friend kill a Jag. (More like whored on the jag kill, but hay he whored on the Lach lol.)
340mil latch for a Cyclone, that’s dying in style bitches, and for my blogs name it’s a really hard task to do.

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