Monday, July 9, 2012

The Pirates life for me

So people all over eve that I have talked to, and especialy posts on the forums are convinced by the myth that lowsec pvp is dead and not really fun, or not “real pvp”.
So I will explain why I will be a pirate in eve till the day ccp runs low sec into the ground completely.
The open Sea
The number one main benefit to being a pirate is the freedom. Pirates fly what they want and can find a use for most ships in the game, from R1fta who are masters of frig and dessy low sec combat, to the normal roaming small BC gangs, to solo BSs and command ships, kitchen sink gangs, Blopsing, and carrier station games. I also may have corp management who set guidelines for me, but they are generally happy as long as I’m active and killing stuff. They don’t care if I take a gang off into a wormhole, piss in their cheerios, piss off every major alliance in 0.0, or if I carebear it up doing sites, or if I have a family diner and cant make a roam.
The customers
I’m in easy reach of high sec for miner ganks and supplies from trade hubs if I’m desperate, I’m around the corner from 0.0 entrances which tend to be great places to get pvp, and finally all the other pirates, high sec people looking for quick pvp, and 0.0 people who cant find pvp in the over inteled channels of 0.0, all somehow meet in the middle which is low sec.
The eye in the sky
Gate guns and lack of bubbles makes gate camps rare, though defiantly not nonexistent. You can usually get back to gate when jumping into a gang, since insta scram frigs wont risk getting killed by gate guns. This also lets slightly smaller fleets engage slightly larger fleets since gate guns love to one shot people who GCCed drones, and can easily wreck a ship if your lucky enough that they are also shooting your primary.
The calm Waters
While low sec can be very dead from time to time, it also can be very busy, but some times I like roaming low sec and knowing I am on of the few that call it home, that finds its freakish mix of mechanics and people appealing, and no one will bother me unless I bother them first. You make your own fun where you find it, and if you die, you died doing what you wanted, not for because you where told to save a moon you care nothing for.
The feeling
You are masterless vagabond, doing good and evil as you see fit, riding the adrenalin rush of solo and small gang pvp where you know your every choice matters, and your wingmen know your ability and trust in it. And we all enjoy those feelings at some level. I’m most certainly not saying everyone should move to low sec, or that everyone would like the pirate lifestyle, but to many turn their nose up to it before seeing the jem under the dirt.
In a nutshell, low sec keeps it simple, and simple lests you enjoy the most out of your game

Fly dangerous my friends

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