Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bringing the Alpha Pain

So I have made some previous posts talking about our terribly tactic deficient friends "Graywolf", well about a week ago they joined an alliance "Genesis Invictus".  This was cool with us because we figured that would mean they would get bigger fleets and grow some balls, but for the most part we just stumbled into some of their miners and what not, so we focused on our other wars. Well a couple days ago one of my corpies found this new alliance had a POS in a secluded system, and it was a faction medium with almost no defenses. We have previously failed to take down a few large POS due to lack of DPS, so allot of us where skeptical, but it was a medium POS worth a bit of isk so we decided to try our luck again. After a lovely evening of slowly chewing through its shields, and finally reinforcing it we where feeling rather confidant.

So two days later, we all log in to take it down, we of course had not seen any notion that "Genesis Invictus" would defend their POS so we all travel to the system with out much thought when we get scout reports that the alliance has about a 15 man fleet headed our way (unfortunately I have a real life and had to log for a lovely family dinner) but while I was absent our fleet engaged their fleet and we almost killed a Rokh, but they ended up killing poor  Odemis's ArmageddonWell our fleet disengages and goes back to the system where the POS was and shoots at it to try to force their fleet into warping to them at rage this time. (this is where I log back on a few jumps out to rush to system) I hear over coms that the enemy fleet obliged and warped to our fleet at 50k where our BSs switched to long range ammo and was able to kill 2 cains (1 , 2) and a Apoc, before they warped out and hid in station and in the POS.  After that I arrive in system, I warp to my fleet just in time to start seriously killing the POS. The POS didn't take to long to kill but there where some interesting kills while we where at it, and that’s where my alpha Pest shined.

#1 - AFK enemy drake drifted out side the POS shields

#2 - I DCed just in time fore a Bassi, Gardian, and Ospry from a alt corp, to warp to the POS and start reping it, the Gardian and Osprey died but the Bassi got away and im sure if i Hadent DCed it would have died too. and

#3 - a drake from the same alt corp warps in at rage from the shields and us, our fast tackle burns out to get him but he is outside range of all our BS besides me so the others had to warp out then to the tackler to help kill it.

Finaly the tower gose down, and we mop up the mods. I log soon after this because my internet was gettign laggy, but a couple hours later our favorit War target Max logs back on off where the tower used to be and my corp mates kill him, and his pod, it seams when they warped into our fleet at 50k and started losing Max logged off and hid, so later that night he logged on right back into us haha. I know this isn’t the most interesting battle report, but over the stretch of the evening we did get quite a few good kills and a fleet fight, which is much more than we have got of late. Also I love the feeling when a arty Pests volley hits a target and takes half its HP from a volley.

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  1. Ouch, a DG medium tower. Sucks for those guys!

    Something we regularly do for small fleets taking out towers is use bombers (torps). A fleet 20 will take down a small fairly fast, a medium a little slower, and large you just want more bombers. I don't know if you have kind of man-power, but if so, and the tower doesn't have webs, you can kite the tower by orbiting it at the edge of the shield.

  2. We have tryed it before with bombers, but we usaly hope for or expect fights so using BS with half PVP fits help with that.