Friday, September 23, 2011

The Flying Duch-shoe

I have been flying one of my fav ships in eve again lately, the Dominix. (at least till I can fly the geddon) The reason i love this ship so much is because it has more uses than i can shake a stick at, can fit a surprising amount of dps, or a substantial buffer, makes a great duel rep ship, a super RR boat, and even make a scary neut tub... Shame its as ugly as Sin *rim shot*

This will be a short blog post all about my love for the domi and its many uses, since not much in eve is going on atm besides a few Abandon kills here and there and allot of mutual blue balling.

My favorit is the DPS giant domi, fit with a full top wrack of electron blasters and OgreIIs a domi can put out a staggering amount of dps, usually has a smaller buffer than most domis to make room for PG and mag stabs, it can eat most BCs and some BSs solo for break fast. Its super scary yet made of glass cousin the shield domi can fit a entire wrack of ion blasters and has increased range and speed. yet usually with  only a 3 slot shield tank it doesn't have much ehp.

Secondly comes the rock domi, fit with 2 emans, 1 dcu, and 4 1600 plates, it can have a hell of a buffer especially with slaves. What makes the domi so versatile is the fact that half its DPS comes from its drones, so a domi can still be quite dangerous even without damage mods or guns. full tank domis high slots can be fit with a ton of different things, from med neutron blasters, to auto cannons, to lasers, to a mix of med/large neuts, to RR. for this very reason the domi is a extremely easy BS for newer pilots to use because as long as they have moderate drone skills they can fill the rest of the ship in with what ever high slots their best at.

Finally you have the rare variants, such as the laser domi, the sentury sniper domi, and the duel rep domi. the other strength of the domi besides it drone bay is it five mid slots which allow it to fit cap boosters, tackle and anything else you may need like ECCM. Because most people who put guns on a domi use med guns, it doesn't really matter which one you chose. I have even seen a domi with 2 neuts, 1 large smart bomb, and 3 med blasters so it could do alittle of everything, which makes the domi superb at soloing and gang warfare.

Now for some interesting domi fits i have encountered in my time.

Dule Rep Domi, I saw this ship tank 2 BSs and a BC with ease.

Full buffer tank with some neutage and alittle RR, generally i would have fit more med neuts than leave high slots open if it was me.

My favorite is the multi task brawler domi, great for solo work.

Standard full neut domi fit.

1200 dps blaster domi

Similarly the Typhoon with its bonuses to multiple weapons and large drone bay acts allot like the domi being able to be fit for a ton of different roles and yet still put out a reasonable amount of dps.

In conclustion the domi has a role in almost any fleet for any situation and is a remarkable ship all around, if it just wasent so bulbus looking haha. Oh and as a final added bonus its a meta 1 BS so its reasonably cheep for what it dose.


  1. If wrack wasn't a spelling error, it's a quite a clever play on words.

    I hate Domis :( I always die attacking them.

  2. I made a couple of puns, but yeah Domis are brutal