Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rohk you like a Hurricane

So We have been at war with a small Cooperation Called Greywolf Enterprises. In their corp description they state they enjoy pvp, but ever since the war started, even tho they can field superior numbers against us, they have been nothing but cowards.

The first night of the war, most of our corp was busy messing with Methodical, but the 2 that couldn't get cynoed down to 0.0 went looking for our WTs and found them, and proceeded to get camped into station by almost 20 of them. So we figured we would get some good fights the next day when all of us could get over there.

The second night of the war, they saw our numbers (which was still less than theirs) and got less ballsy, got a drake killed and decided we where to good for them and proceeded to hide in their POS.

The third night of the war, we went and decided to shoot their POS to force them to fight, their POS had allot of short range guns so we all got in snipers and tried to bash it but warped into a bad spot and almost all died, so we refit and got a new warp in and tried again this time with 3 guardians, managing to find the sweet spot where their guns couldn't even touch us. This caused our WTs to come out in 3 basilisks and 1 scorpion, which where trying to rep the mods we where killing. While slowing us down but didn't stop us. Being in sniper ships we did take pot shots at the basis and scorp when we could, and eventually killed 1 bassi and the scorp. (the scorp was fit for fully jamming out our 3 guardians, even tho our snipers where taking no damage and wernt really important) Allas it got to late at night to shoot the tower once most the guns where dead and we would try again tomorrow earlier.

The forth night of the war, Graywolf reped all their in caped mods and added some large lazors to stop us from sniping as well as put some shield hardeners online for the tower, making it impossible for us to kill the tower with our numbers, so we called it a night and did other things.

The fifth night of the war, we got word that Graywolf had grown their balls back and where planning on fighting back tonight so we all formed in their system and waited, for hours. Even tho we knew they had formed up a very good shield fleet with RR and if fielded right could maybe defeat us they wouldn't fight, but we where able to scan down apart of their fleet and get some one to warp to it, forcing them to warp to a gate where we where waiting and caught them. the resulting fight was fast and feirce, we didn't know all the ships they where going to warp in but we where surprised to see 2 Rokhs 2 Hyperion's, 2 logis, 2 scorps, and 2 tackler frigs warp in on us. (scorpions at 70k, out side our slow armor fleets range of catching them atm) Unfortunately they had most of our fleet jammed out for the entire fight and almost all of us had ECCM and where overheating them! i only broke the jams a few times in the fight, making sure to over heat my guns and slap them and my newts on the primaries when I could. Thankfully I had 5 ogres and I kept assisting them to my fleet mates that broke the jams, meaning with all our drones we and the times we could break lock we still out DPSed them and killed most their fleet without losing a single ship. sadly the 2 scorps warped off to safety and didn't even make it on the battle report, which can be viewed here.

Sadly to say their fits where terrible, especially the fact that almost no one had a prop mod.

Well after that devastating defeat we are fairly sure they will never fight us again, so hopefully we can ransom them.

PS: oh and it seams they didn't know that their nutral RR ships could be shot if they reped our WTs, they called us Haxors luls.

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