Thursday, September 29, 2011

Your Game To Play

 In my years of playing eve I find, (and I’m sure many other people will agree) that, a good portion of how much you enjoy eve, and what you do in it, is based off the corp or alliance your in. I know there are a good portion of people who lone wolf it up, and have a great time, but for the most part eve is a very social MMO.

Of late I have been seeing allot of current and old friends, and also people I hardly know complaining that eve is no longer fun, or that they just don’t seam to do anything when they log on.  I have been there a few times so I know how it is. 

First think to think about is how much time do you have for the game? If you have an hour a day then this may be your problem. Very little in eve doesn’t take more than an hour. This includes forming up, looking for targets, killing targets, coming back, and everything in between (like scanning ships at safe spots.)

Second thing to think about is how much dose your corp / alliance actually do? and more importantly do they do it in your time zone. If not, see if you can rabble rouse people in your time zone to do stuff, suggest little things like going on bombing runs, or taking some assault frigs out on a roam. Also ask if you or some one in your time zone can recruit some more people into your time zone. While its easy to blame the corp / alliance, its a group effort and its what YOU make of it.

Lastly, if all else fails, and your time zone is just getting less and less fun and people, you seriously need to think about finding a new place to live. This part is usually the hardest because you know these people well, and if you tell them you are thinking about leaving they will generally promise the moon to get you to stay, or just tell you to wait alittle longer they are working on it. Depending on how long your time zone has been declining you could wait alittle longer, but don’t wait to long or your just wasting more of your own time. You may feel like your abandoning your corp, but this is your game to play and pay for, if its been months since you got in a good fleet, its time to go. (if you do leave, it makes it easier if you have a good friend that wants to come with you, keep a piece of home to feel less lonely in your new one)

Now I’m going to give a list of my corp history and tell you exactly why I left each one, after that I will talk about looking for a new home and some ins and outs. If you want to skip the corp list feel free but I think its interesting haha.

(I left out all but the first noob corp since they arnt really that important)

State War Academy - Noob corp I started in duh lol.
M42-3 - I left because the CEO went insaine and thought some members of corp where stealing from him and he rage quit (Corp is dead)
Nebula 3 - Don't remember why I left but its dead now. (Corp is dead)
Titan Miner's Spartan Warriors - I was in and out of this corp many of times, but left to go pirate for a few weeks or take a break from eve, but always came back, till they joined an alaince (corp is dead, because we all merged with a corp in an alaince)
Terminal Logic - First PVP alaince, we stoal sov from WI in the first day of Dominion, Fail cascaded due to inner polotics. (The corp and alaince are both dead)
Phoenix Consortium - They promised more than they actualy did dand where no fun so I left, they closed a few months later. (Corp is dead)
Black Serpent Technologies - A corp in RAGE, was too big of fleet warfair for my liking and the leaders where Nazies so I left (Aliance are both pretty much dead just recently)
Chi Kara - Some of my old friends made a WH corp and I tried that for awhile, got board of carebearing and went back out in search of PVP  
Aurora Acclivitous - These guys got War decked By The Executioners till everyone quit alaince after a few months of war, but it was a fun war.
Terminal Impact - A Great Corp / Alliance down in Provi, was my favorite 0.0 PVP experience, till Evoke steamrolled Provi and it fell apart. (Corp is dead)
4 wing - Terminal Impact merged with 4 wing in the same alliance for political reasons, right before Provi was steam rolled. (Corp is dead and renamed to 5th Ace)
The Executioners - The best corp I have ever been in, so much fun PVP, i would actually suggest them to ANY one looking for pvp, great group of guys. but their EST time zone died so I was forced to leave sadly.
No.Mercy - Cool Guys allot like The Executioners (actually they are in the same alliance now) they also had a crap EST time zone, and I don't have enough time to play these days for 0.0 fleet responsibility.

The Skunkworks [SKNK.] from 2011.09.28 02:09 to this day

Now onto looking for a new corp

As stated above, things to look for when looking for a new corp is.
  • Are very active in your time zone (check their kill board, and times on their kills) 
  • Do they like the same kind of game play as you, piracy, high sec Merc, 0.0, high sec care bearing
  • Do they have the same mind set as you, such as greifing, trolling, or being a fair GF sort of guy
  • Are they Fail? (defiantly check their kill board)
Things to watch out for that may lead to joining a corp that's no fun
  • If they promise the moon and your hearts desire
  • If they claim to pvp, rat, mission, piracy, and every eve job in the game (means they may have no focus on anything)
  • If their kill board stats don't match up to how they claim their fleets go (such as they say they run 30 man gangs, yet you see 95% of their kills are with 3 people on them)
Generally some of the best guys to fly with are ones that don't try to impress you, they just seam like your type of people when they naturally tell you what they do. Such as The Skunkworks, they recruited me buy saying they where a fail corp who liked to grief and troll people and didn't care about killboard stats, they just wanted to have fun. Also they play in exactly the time zone I do. It sounded fishy, but it also sounded like it would be fun to give a try, and I have to admit the guys in corp really are fun individuals.

So wrapping it up, if you find yourself not enjoying your corp, go in search of one just right for you, its out there, ask friends and people you respect, they genially know good corps for different play styles, but cant join because they like the one they are in.


  1. Awesome post mate!

    Best Corp in game is right here!

  2. Black Serpent Technologies - A corp in RAGE, was too big of fleet warfair for my liking and the leaders where Nazies so I left..

    I was in BST way back when.. CEO was a bitch and she used corp funds to buy herself personal caps and such... not the worst corp i have been in but close

  3. Thanks allot, I Hate to see people quit eve by riding a dying corp into the grave

  4. Can't agree moar... I know a few soloists here, but even they like having a friend or 2 to fly w/ occasionally...

    But the VURRA best in EVE is my home corp. Why? My son is our CEO and his RL Marine buddy (and my son-from-a-different-father) is our Security Director, and I am corp VP and Salvage Ops Director... We are a Wormhole Exploitation and Renovation corp. That means we live inna WH, and we scan down and explore other WHs... we then clean out all the Nefarious Forces of Naptime (Sleepers) and any POS'es, POS mods, ships and other trash left layin about by other players, and then sell the WHs!

    We fly the deadly skies of EVE on the Friends-n-Fambly Plan... LOL

    I have jumped corp to train up my pewage skills with the good folks in RvB, but HBHI will always be my home.

  5. Places where youhave real life friends and family in the corp are great places to feel at home, a shame I dont know any real life friends in eve.