Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Troll Sov Come and Gone

So I have recently joined a troll/war deck corp called "The Skunkworks",They are a small corp and they find it hard to get enough people in fleet to properly accomplish anything we try, such as killing POSs, or TCUs, or even bombing a gang with enough bombers to kill anything. Despite alllll of that, they are a super cool group of dedicated guys who believe in trying for the luls and having fun above kill board stats or even killing our goal. Psychotic Monk our CEO is a very fun loving guy who every week comes up with some scheme to get us all killed *cough* i mean kill some noobs. Over all they may accomplish little but I have had more fun with them in a couple weeks then I have had in eve in a long time, and you know that's what really matters.

Now on to our latest idea to troll some people and have fun doing it. The Skunk works shortly before me joining them War decked an alliance called "The Methodical Alliance" which they commenced to kill relentlessly and troll till they decided to no longer undock so the skunkworks went on to find better prey. Well it seams the Methodical where so upstart while still being noobs that it made a perminate small wish for Skunkworks to free the Galaxy of their fail, so recently We noticed that they had gained 9 systems down in Tribute, so we sent a scout down to check if they where ratting and mining it up and living the so called good life. What we found was nothing, nothing at all, empty space, no stations, no POSs, no good true sec, and the tech moons belonged to the people they where renting off of. So we decided that since Methodical didn't seam to want their systems or to put defencive POSs under their TCUs, we would liberate the space. So we SBUed a couple of their systems, called in friends to help kill their TCU and let them put up their own TCU their since we couldn't. Methodical eventually got off their butt, and put some POSs up and cryed on their hands and knees to their renters to help (who where to busy) so they ended up having to pay Intrepid crossing to come take back their systems for them. So while we no longer own their system or and SBUs down their, they have not hear the last of us.

That was the short short version of the events down in Tribute fucking with Methodicals heads, So here is a pic showign test takign their system that one of our guys PSed our name in at the bottom for luls.

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